Careful when you go through customs with Huel


It was actually on a train, but hey ho, still airport related.

The BTP urged passengers to label foods and to ‘bring samples of cakes’ on their next visit.

I wonder if that’s so the officers can sample the end product themselves‽ :yum:


Guys, please don’t bag your Huel up in little blue baggies and fly with it :man_facepalming: I’m surprised they found this on a train though. Sounds like it was accidentally left on the train, not many trains conducting searches of bags!

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I bag my huel up and put it back in the original huel bag when i fly, this means i don’t have to find a scale to weigh out my huel when away.

Ive only been stopped once and just had to explain what it was and they let me past. I only ever fly with hand luggage though so im always there to tell them what’s in the bags if needed.

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The only time I got stopped was trying to take a pork pie through…this was at the time of the BSE/CJD MadCowDisease etc. fiasco, when funeral pyres of dead animals brightened up our nighttime skies.

It was a vegan porkless pie, and they let me through. In those days there weren’t any vegan options about so I had to take my own. If only Huel had been around then.

Anyway, I was allowed to take it through.

There was another funny incident at the Reichstag building in Berlin where all entrants are body searched. I had an object in my pocket which they were interested in. It was a plastic budgie. I told them I was budgie smuggling. They obviously weren’t amused. Germans don’t have a sense of humour apart from Henning Wehn, and probably didn’t understand the joke, but I was allowed to carry on.

This is a true story.

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