Change the shape of pasta

Small suggestion. For hot and savory that come with pasta, please consider changing the pastas to a shape that is “open” rather than “closed”. The shape of the macaroni or penne sometimes holds a bit of powder inside and prevents it from getting mixed in. This leads to an unpleasant experience when biting into it. Something like rotini or even farfalle would help prevent this.

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What a treat, that kid was great.

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He was brilliant. Fawlty Towers is the best ever sitcom…can’t believe Cleese wants to bring it back and ruin the legacy

Does he want to? Or is his financial situation forcing his hand?

I don’t think it’s even that. He wants to talk about rebooting it because he knows it’ll piss people off, and he enjoys that. It’s really all he has - his talent died decades ago.

comedically maybe but he does a pretty good turn in serious roles - bit like Jim Carrey I guess. From what I understand, this time around it’s his daughter, who is also the writer, driving this - but yes, when I heard about it I literally had a full body eye roll.

I’m guessing it will be either painfully dated – like watching Clarkson for half an hour – or painfully woke – neither is a good scenario.

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Basil was a tragic figure and as an old man he needs is to retain that somehow, otherwise it might be grotesque. A tall order, but who knows? Maybe Cleese will be able to pull it off.

How much will Connie Booth be missed in the writing? & Prunella Scales, what an absolute gem Sybil was. It’s difficult to imagine Basil without her, she seemed to be his underlying motivation in everything.

I’m looking forward to it, low expectations is always a good starting point.

I read his autobiography a few years back. It was tedious and boring. I’ve also read those of Eric Idle and Graham Chapman and both were excellent and funny.

There’s no way this is woke…

Well it’s a mixed bag for sure – its being handled by Rob Reiner and Castlerock (good) and written by his daughter who only has 2 writing credits – a short movie and her dads last tour (bad) so I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

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Happy Hueliversary Phil. :+1:


Neither of these things were woke…

Don’t mention Fawlty Towers. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.

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No, but the politics and pressure networks put on content creators currently is. Unless it’s picked up by a streaming distributor more willing to push boundaries, they’ll have to compromise if they want it to be on mainstream and/or primetime broadcasting and syndication.

Thanks for the suggestion Jacob. I think this could for most pastas but for flavours like Mac and Cheeze it would be a bit weird!

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I dunno, Clarkson still gets big numbers, and there are a lot of painful snowflake etc references on his farm.

I hope old Basil will be curmudgeonly but not reactionary. Unlikely that he’ll have matured into progressive liberalism, tho’ it’d be newsworthy if nothing else.