Changing banner at the top

Does anybody else find the banner which changes every 5 seconds at the top distracting when trying to read or do anything on the Huel website? Could we make it static text and put them side by side? It always seems to catch my eye while reading something when it changes.

No. I obviously have a better attention span than you


Don’t be like that. Just because nobody wanted to do an RTD swap with you :kiss:

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Thanks for the feedback Coup, however this banner is absolutely intended to catch your eye. We put important messages up there.

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:sob::sob::sob::sob: I want some Berry RTD !!
I’m enjoying the chocolate but I like mixing them and having chocoberry. I know I’m weird. But it’s lush.
I have an abundance of chocolate and no berry left. Poor sad Christina. Nobody wanted to swap some. Not even one :pensive: