Changing calorie intake as we lose weight

Just a thought …, how many of us has adjusted our Huel consumption as our weight continues to drop ?
If we have worked out our starting daily calorific intake for our weight is say 2000 calories …
If we lose weight the calorific intake should be reduced …
it’s not quite as simple as 10% weight drop 10% less calorific intake tho
Keep a check in your advised calorie intake Versus current weight each month and you may be surprised that you will have to adjust calories consumed to maintain your weight loss.

I was about to ask this as a question - how often should we adjust? It was my first week on Huel last week and I lost nearly 4lb but gained 1lb over the weekend (sorry Ma but your Sunday roast was just too bad for me). Is it too soon to adjust my calorie goal? I’m already only at 1180 a day but if I have to reduce to lose more weight then so be it!

I haven’t started yet, but when I was trying to gauge how long it would/how much it would cost to lose the weight I need on Huel, I recalculated at 5 lb. increments. Depending on your weight loss progress, that would be every 2-4 weeks or so.

I also calculated out every 25 lbs, but that didn’t seem to be as accurate, so I’d say every 5-10 lbs is a better choice.

Don’t reduce below 1200kcal (been there done that, ended up regaining in the long run through binges because my body wasn’t getting sufficient nutrients).

If you need to maintain your deficit as you lose weight, increase activity instead :slight_smile:

You didn’t gain 1lb in fat from one meal, don’t be daft. Think logically.

Just slip back into the routine and forget about it.


What I meant was …

Say 6ft person weighing 15 stone would need X calories daily
The same person weighing 13.5 stone would need less calories daily … so as we gradually lose weight the calories neededwould reduce slightly …

Obviously not going to extreme … but reducing intake calories every 1/2 stone would help ??


You’re absolutely right. One of the reasons people become disillusioned and quit weight loss.

Every half stone maybe extreme, but every stone would certainly be of use.

Alternately, if you’re not in a RUSH to lose the weight, just want to get there eventually and STAY there, you could just calculate the number of calories you need to maintain your optimal weight, and start consuming that.

The weight will come off as long as that’s too few calories to maintain your current weight, and will eventually stabilize at the weight you’re aiming for (plus or minus a few, because the kcal calculation isn’t 100% accurate).

The down side is it’ll take longer to get to the weight you want. The UP side is you’re more likely to keep the weight off, since you’ve already trained yourself in how you need to eat for the rest of your life. I think the single greatest threat to weight maintenance is the point at which you can start eating more, and a common mindset is “Oh, all done dieting. Now I can go back to just eating.”

If you have it in your head that you’re going to need to follow a particular plan for life (such as not by saying “I’m dieting” but simply “This is how I eat now” and letting the weight normalize slowly), you’re much more likely to remain at your new weight, IMO.