Cherry & Honey is delicious

Hi guys, pretty new to Huel but been playing around with adding natural flavours and I think I’ve found a winner as it’s absolutely delicious.
This is based on using 3 scoops of the Vanilla (new) Huel and it’s super simple.
+3 scoops Huel
+8-10 cherries (destoned obviously). You can use more but I wouldn’t use less than 8 really or else the flavour doesn’t come through that well.
+Blend the lot.

+add 1 - 2 teaspoons of honey - you don’t need this but as a natural sweetener it’s great with Huel.

I add more ice afterward and shake - I just prefer my Huel very cold.

That’s it. Basic but trust me it’s delicious.


That sounds worth trying! I have a jar of cherries in the fridge that would probably do the trick :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds lovely, great way to make use of seasonal British fruit!

If you didn’t destone them then potentially you wouldn’t have to buy the cherries or even add them to your Huel. You could just grow them inside you and you’d have cherry Huel (and everything) all the time!

Tim stops drinking coffee...


Yeah. Honey seems to go with Huel very well. Maybe it’s due to the savoury(ish) style of Huel.

Haha. Illwleave that one to you to try