Chocolate/Banana Huel protein pancakes

I was playing around this evening and came across something wicked! I got back from a heavy shoulders session at the gym and figured it’d be boring to have my standard shake, so why not spice it up…

Here’s what I came up with - It’s a recipe for 8-10 generous sized chocolate/banana pancakes… Each contains around 140 calories which consists of 12.4g carbs, 5g fat and a stonking 13.2g protein. What better to recover from that taxing workout with?!

So, ingredients:

2 scoops chocolate whey (I used Chocolate Caramel Impact whey from My Protein)
3 scoops vanilla Huel (could work with unflavoured for a more savoury taste)
2 small/medium bananas
4 whole eggs

1: Blend up the banana with the eggs until you have yellow paste
2: Add 3 scoops of Huel and blend
3: Add 2 scoops of choccy whey and blend
4: Let batter settle for 20 seconds or so while you heat a pan on medium (non stick!!)
5: Spoon out a small serving of batter onto centre of pan, rolling it around to make a circle
6: Flip pancake when little bubbles start to appear on the outer circumference
7: Cook the other side until golden/light brown

Optional: Dust with caster sugar and enjoy with a cheeky strawberry or two!


Definitely going to have to try this at some point (though maybe in a smaller batch on my first try!)

These sound awesome, but it must have been so sticky! I’m just imagining blending powder, eggs and banana - I’m not sure my blender would cope! Did you find the thickness of the batter an issue? Usually pancakes have some sort of liquid included.

The batter was extremely thick, but as there was so much of it, it didn’t seem to matter as much. Further revisions have included around 50ml of water/milk just to slightly loosen it.