Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella flavour Huel

This seems something straight out of master chef. Any guidance on the recipe, please?

I may want to steal it.

To make 2 portions:

40g Huel granola (per bowl)

Then in a bowl:
1 large ripe avocado
1 medium ripe banana
6 pitted dates
tsp vanilla bean extract
1 dessert spoon raw cacao

I find it easier to blend with a stick blender than my vitamix style one.

Once blended put into 2 bowls, then tip on 60g granola to each bowl. Add about a dozen blueberries, half a ripe banana and a few tsp of hemp hearts to each, and a big dollop of pure peanut butter…I buy a Morrisons one which is quite crunchy and is just peanuts…no salt or added oil or sugar. I made it the other day with raspberries on top as well.

It is very filling, and this portion kept me going for hours.

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Thank you.

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