Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella flavour Huel

I’ve just made my morning Huel with alpro hazelnut milk (half hazelnut milk, half water) and cacao flavour boost, mixed into 50/50 Original/UU
Mmmmmmmmm Nutella flavour Huel
It’s so delicious :yum:


Sounds good @ChristinaT Must get myself a carton of hazelnut and try it :yum:

I made this yesterday, based on something I had in a vegan cafe in Stockholm last week. Huel granola, peanut butter, a base made from blended avocado, banana, vanilla and raw cacao. Topped with blueberries, slices of banana and hemp seeds. Tasted similar to the one in cafe, but theirs was sweeter…guess may have used agave in the chocolate mousse.



That looks scrumptious! :yum:

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Now I just really want peanut butter.

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I HAVE TO TRY THIS :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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That looks really nice.

Also, amazing that the cafes in STL are serving Huel treats.

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oh, their version wasn’t Huel granola, just another of their own; I used Huel for my adaptation.

Lots of great vegan food there though. Sweden invented oat milk ya know.

Yeah I know. Everyone is beautiful, blond and speaks perfect English there.

I really want to try Grod in Copenhagen. I shall add Oatmilk on my Scandi food tour list too.

Those were my expectations, but they weren’t quite right. Yes, everyone spoke perfect English, but there were lots of brunettes, more so than blondes, and not everyone was good looking. There were very few black people…in fact the only black males we saw were being shaken down by the cops and having their BMW searched. Having said that I don’t believe theirs is a racist culture, and this was a racially motivated stop and search, and Swedes seem more tolerant than many others of other cultures, LBGTQIAPK issues etc.

I loved the concept of Fika:

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So I tried to make this with Alpro Almond milk and Nesquick since I didn’t have the cacao flavour boost and my dear husband took almond milk with him instead of hazelnut but it didn’t turn out as a Nutella shake unfortunately. More like a kids chocolate milk hahaha (don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but I want my Nutella shake hahah)

Alpro hazelnut milk should give you the Nutella huel you so desire! I’m not generally a fan of the alpro milks, I prefer other brands that don’t make my huel so thick & sludgy, but Alpro hazelnut is so delicious & creamy, it’s a treat on its own! Would def taste like Nutella if mixed with any kind of chocolate/cocoa.


Oh, now I’m going to have to try the Hazelnut! It’s one of my favourite flavours anyway, but I usually use Alpro Roasted Unsweetened Almond.

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The hazelnut is definitely the best for Huel (with cacao :rofl:)
The coconut one is nicest on cereal.
I agree with @VenusFly that alpro makes Huel really thick, but I only use 200ml alpro and also 500ml water and then it’s a nice consistency


I bought Alpro hazelnut just to try this, and used a teaspoon of cocoa powder (as I don’t have any cacao) and it’s delicious :+1:t3:


I bought some hazelnut today - I’m going to try it with cacao for tomorrow’s breakfast! :chocolate_bar::chestnut:


So, I made this for breakfast today. I have 3x things to note.

  1. It was delicious so thank you very much @ChristinaT​:grinning::+1:

  2. I love Nutella :chocolate_bar: :peanuts:

  3. I don’t think you’ve had Nutella in a long time because it didn’t taste anything like Nutella! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha @JayDog !
Well I’m glad you agree it’s delicious :yum:
You’re actually right - I haven’t eaten Nutella in years - on principal I don’t buy it because of the palm oil and the rainforest destruction and the poor mutilated orangutans :disappointed_relieved:
But I do have a memory of loving the stuff
And I love hazelnut & chocolate together, it’s about the best thing ever
To me, chocolate hazelnut Huel satisfied my Nutella cravings without having to go against my principals

My brain / taste buds still think it was Nutella flavour lol

@Africorn what did you think of it?

  1. did you like it?
  2. did you think it tasted like Nutella ?! :face_with_monocle:

Ha, it didn’t really, but it was OK. I haven’t tasted Nutella in years - the ingredients list is so off-putting, with sugar and palm oil being the primary ingredients. I think I still prefer the Toffee Coffee flavouring.