Cola Energy Drink Flavour?

It’s probably been asked before but is there any plan to make a cola flavoured energy drink? I assume it’s impossible given the fact a lot of the goodness in your other energy drinks come from the fruit!

I live in Scotland which is the only country in the world where the bestselling soft drink is not coca cola out of choice. There are a few other countries where it is not but those are down to political reasons or trade embargoes e.g. Cuba, North Korea and at one time Myanmar.

Do we know this?

We don’t. It doesn’t.

You could (legally) call a flavour Cola, but it would be a tough sell as people would automatically compare it to Coke or Pepsi and if it didn’t taste like either of those, would dismiss it (hard to believe in this tolerant society we live in – but there you go). Just got to get that balance of kola nut, citrus oil, vanilla and cinnamon just right to make another excellent Huel mixer. Coke discontinued their own Cinnamon flavour cola a few years back, so maybe plug that gap with a Cinnamon Swirl soda :slight_smile:

I mean we’re always open to suggestions, Cola is an interesting one for sure!

strawberry daiquiri would be my partners vote!

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic? :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

The answer when asked was both, non for work hours, and then alcoholic in the evening!

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