Huel and carbonated drinks don't mix

So, perhaps you’ve got the same idea I had in the back of your mind. Perhaps there’s some diet soda you like and think it would go well with one of the Huel flavors, perhaps you’re looking for a better texture to your everyday Huel drink, perhaps you just want to experiment with your food. Or want to enjoy a hearty pint.

For me it was one of the sugar-free energy drink flavors - I’m a self-admitted caffeine junkie, and as my coworkers were riling me up about throwing an energy drink into the mix, I figured - why not? Sure, it’s fizzy, but if I shake gently over the sink it’ll be fine, right?

Wrong. It looked fine at first floating on top of the drink - I had some taste reservations about combining chocolate Black Huel with a fruity energy drink, but at worst I’ll be out one portion, no big deal. So I happily turned the shaker.

Well, let’s just say it makes the Mentos and Coke experiment look like a gentle tide. You will be washing your kitchen ceiling. So don’t try it at home, and if you do, use eye protection.

Lol how did you ever think you wouldn’t? :laughing: :see_no_evil:

I was imagining you running this experiment in your office :joy:

One perk of working from home is, if you do something stupid, there’s no one around to see you.

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I got that lesson when I was 20 and making a Long Island Iced Tea.