Huel and Coca cola

Has anyone mixed Huel with Coca cola or Pepsi? Is it good? Any reasons for not doing it?

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That sounds disgusting, hahahaha

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yeah that’s why I asked before trying it xD

Try it and let us know. Should be interesting shaking/blending a carbonated drink :wink:

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Deffo give it a go and post the outcome

Can you film the process and outcome? Especially the moment you open the cap on your Huel shaker - Instagram have a fun application called Boomerang, perhaps use that too? Add some Mentos to mix as well since we’re going there.

I’m excited.


I was planning to add the Cola AFTER the shake xD so first mix with water, shake and then gently stir the cola in :smiley: Now that you mention could be fun to shake it though :smiley:

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LOL I’ve seen it done without the Huel and that looks fun.

I wouldn’t add coke or Pepsi to anything (but hey that’s just me).

Erm… confession time… I’ve tried Huel with flavoured sparkling spring water and with a zero calorie Monster. I was cautious with both and poured them into the blender at speed to allow excess gas to get out, and then a couple of short pulses to further flatten it before adding the Huel. I’ve got a sweet tooth, but even I found the Monster Huel too much, even though I like Monster as a drink. A little of the effervescence remains after blending, which is quite a pleasant sensation.

Normally I have my Huel with some fruit or fruit juice in it (I’m not terribly keen on the flavour of it by itself), and I have, on occasion, rinsed out the shaker with Pepsi: it’s not bad. If you like the new ginger Pepsi Max, you’d probably like it.

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