Coldbrew coffee and Huel

My word - what a combo!

I recently started coldbrewing coffee using my favourite grind (Monsoon Malabar) and by god it’s amazing added to huel in the morning.

If you’ve not coldbrewed before, add about twice your usual coffee amount to a cafetiere and then add cold water, then leave it for 24 hours and plunge. Add a cups worth to your huel mix and then blend.


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Nice one! Thank you for the simple instructions too, I’ve always been put off by people using muslin cloths to strain it and all sorts! Will give this a go.

Yeah same here, I’m sure there’s a reason to get really complicated with it but this method works fine for me and I can’t really tell the difference between my homemade version and the £3 a cup stuff in my local hipster café.

Forgot to mention you want to use a coarse grind :slight_smile:

Not sure if that kind of service is available in Europe, but while in the US I usually add cold brew concentrate. It’s is REALLY good, lot’s of chocolate in the flavour, works really well with Vanilla Huel.

I use one of these.

Always have cold brew coffee in my breakfast Huel.

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