Concerns about high phosphorus levels in Huel

(First post ever here please tell me if I’m doing something wrong)
The topic of increased phosphorus intake leading to accelerated aging popped up during one of my lectures at university, and searching it up briefly I came across this article, which observed the effects of phosphorus intake on Klotho-deficient mice. Through their results they propose that there may be a link between high phosphorus intake and accelerated aging not only in the mice and consequently humans with CKD, but also healthy individuals. Huel has a very high phosphorus content, so I thought I’d post this to get responses from others and encourage research.



Hi - a valid concern, but nothing to be concerned about.

The phosphorus in Huel is all naturally occurring from our main ingredients and zero is added in out bespoke vitamin mineral blend. The a amount in Huel is also well below ‘safe upper limit’ levels.

The study you’ve linked to is more about phosphate homeostasis than the amounts ingested from food.


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This one is about the amount ingested, but it also notes that “there is no need to lower the content of natural phosphate, i.e. organic esters, in food, because this type of phosphate is incompletely absorbed”. So, thanks for confirming that it’s not an additive!

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