Coronavirus can improve your diet

Nation’s diet to improve considerably, after McDonalds, KFC, Nando, Subway, Gregg’s, Pizza Express, Gregg’s, KFC and many more all to close, albeit temporarily.

Stay at home drink Huel.


Pasta, baked beans and cheap frozen pizzas aren’t much an improvement.

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I noticed you said KFC twice and then felt guilty. I was always told not to count my chickens.

And yeah, don’t expect a huge improvement in people’s diets. History will remember this as the year of pizza and wanking.


I said Gregg’s twice as well. I was too busy wanking to check my post.


You put all your Greggs in one basket.


Here’s my crap joke of the evening. I’m staying at home. I hear there’s a nasty case of coronavirus about.

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That’s a new low.

Good news. I’ve got at least 3 weeks of doing naff all to come up with worse.

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They say laughter is the best medicine. Which means you are now a serious threat.

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This should be their new slogan

I would say put it on a T-shirt but there’s not much point, no one will see it except the cat, and I don’t even have a cat anymore.
I’ve pretty much given up getting dressed also.
I kinda go from night pyjamas to day pyjamas and back again.
Maybe Huel should be sending out pjs with new orders


… My last dog passed away over a year ago. I just realised I was calling them ‘dog walking pajamas’ still. Day pajamas now.

Drink Huel - it’s the Cat’s Pyjamas

That should be the new slogan.

When I say pyjamas a few times I feel weird; it seems nonsensical. Even the Alfie cat is looking at me strangely.

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Been away from work best part of a month now and really watching what I eat (mostly Huel) – today I went outside to pass some supplies to a colleague from work who lives on the same development – haven’t seen him for the whole month and he commented that I’d gotten thinner since last time he saw me (I have by 4 kg) normally he’s a pretty trim and healthy guy but he’s been hitting the food and booze delivery services hard, so getting to look a lot like the comic book guy from The Simpsons :slight_smile:

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I started huel for the convenience and time saving aspect of quick meals.

Now I’ve got all this free time but I’m running out of things to do with it. Starting to go mad :sa:

This is the perfect time to stop using Huel and start cooking elaborate meals every day. :+1:

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Using pasta, toilet roll and the tins of weird things that have been in the back of your cupboard since 1998?

Or in my case just eat chocolate.


Oh god, just don’t! I’m on Week 6 of improving my diet to the tune of zero added sugar. Meant to be temporary-ish as a bit of a hard reset. Most of the time it’s easy, but right now I’m very very aware of what isn’t in stock in shops much, and what is. There’s a real risk I decide to take the moral high road and bravely just eat Easter eggs for the next few weeks.


We’ve just been told today that the current movement restriction orders and roadblocks are being extended by another 3 weeks so definitely time to start thinking of more creative ways to bring in some variety into the diet. Not Easter eggs. Unless I can find any of those Marmite ones.

Had some Orzo and didn’t know what to do with it so made a risotto with tinned peas & frozen spinach. Might last me a few days.

Think I’ll add chilli flakes after a couple of days :hot_pepper: