Couple of months in update

Hey guys, just wanted to give you all an update of my experiences so far with Huel.

Started a couple of months ago feeling overweight, tired and generally unhappy with my lifestyle, I am a sales manager so unfortunately for my wasteline I have many trips out with customers which include Alcohol (Lots of it) and extravagant meals.

So I decided upon Huel following a Facebook campaign.

I’ve never really been one to calorie count or stand on scales every day, I just know when things aren’t right as my clothes don’t fit anymore!

So I’ve been having two Huels per day and an evening meal now (Most of the time) for a couple of months…I’m on my 5th bag so that sounds about right I think and I feel great.
My usual mix is in the morning, two scoops with a load of frozen fruit (Usually blueberrys), blended
Then later in the day, two scoops with Ice and some coffee.

I’ve gone from wearing trousers that were tight at 34" to easily fitting back into my 32" stuff…Face thinner, gut smaller. (Still there but i’m working on it) and just all round feeling fitter and healthier.

People are noticing that I am now back to my former self, I will continue this for the foreseeable future as it really suits my lifestyle. If I have a heavy few days drinking/eating etc I just Huel up again with extra vigour for the next few days and all is well.

Trip abroad coming up very soon, so trying extra hard to get a few extra pounds off before I go and buy some new gear…Can’t be wearing all my baggy clothes anymore haha!

Wasn’t a fan of the Unflavoured at all, so will be sticking to Vanilla and will get some of the bars when they become available again.

Anyway, I’ve just finished chugging my Blueberry mix so back to work!

Huel on.