Craving Huel! Woohoo!

Okay, I have been in the US for a while and am heading home on Saturday. I’ve started fantasising about Huel. As in, light, easy food, and how healthy I felt on it before I came out here and started eating like I’m on holiday. You know what it’s like - it’s hard to disappoint people if they’re eating out, and it’s fine to try new foods. But I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat for most of my stay, and I am actively looking forward to getting home and not having to worry about food anymore. Wish me luck, guys! I’ve put in a subscription. Phew!


Go for it! Am feeling great 2 weeks in & you know it already agrees with you. I am doing the odd day full Huel but mostly 2 meals of Huel and one cooked meal-I enjoy cooking on my days off but when I’m dashing to a class or doing a night shift its fab. Never feel hungry either & have lost 4 pound so far…winning!!!:blush: Good luck getting back on it!


3 days now huel in the morning and for lunch. I don’t get the afternoon blood sugar drop and subsequent terrible tiredness, since I’m in a physical job I’m very very happy about that.


One weekend in deep fried Edinburgh and I practically ate Huel neat from the bag I was so desperate when I got home :slight_smile:


Definitely feeling better for it. I’m feeling lighter and more energetic, which is a huge relief.

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