Daily Greens Flavour

I just tried daily greens for the first time, and the flavour, very very bad, I love my green vegetables, so I don’t know what this flavour is meant to be, is it meant to be mixed with something? Am I doing it wrong? It’s rancid. Maybe it’s personal preference?

But I think I’ll stick to sacking on steamed vegetables, carrots, brocolli, and brussel sprouts when working from home.

Boomers might remember being told “if it doesn’t taste bad it won’t do you any good”, re. medicines.
I still believe it.

Have you tried any other green powders before? Either things like spirulina, or ones like Huel? To be honest with you this one tastes much better than any of the others I’ve tried…AG1 is quite palatable.
I hate the taste of Brussels sprouts though, so obviously our tastes do differ even though I like all the other things you mentioned.

Huel Greens does have a little bit of a fruity taste unlike many others which are just a taste of green sludge. As I said elsewhere I wouldn’t drink it for pleasure but it’s palatable and I don’t have to neck it. I do use less water than recommend too and a few others tend to agree it tastes better like that.


I quite like the flavour. Infinitely nicer than broccoli anyway!! :slight_smile:

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Oh boy, sorry you’re not a fan of this!

It could be down to personal preference but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way for this to work for you. I really enjoy it but I have to find that it has to be ice cold. Can I ask what it was about the flavour that you just didn’t like?

@Mark_Huel …who are you? You’ve appeared on the forum out of nowhere, no introduction, no picture, Aime, Cam and Charlotte have gone. Have you committed a coup on the forum?

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Maybe I just need to get used to it?

@Huntress_Amelia it might seem a little odd but while I found it palatable - I decided to add a little cordial to the water to soften the taste. it worked well but ive started reducing the amounts of cordial progressively so I get used to the normal taste over time.

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Good idea! I’ll try that!

I think it just needs a bit of getting used to. Unfortunately greens are never going to taste amazing. I guess the ones I’ve tried were not as “nice” as Huel, so it wasn’t a shock when I tried Huel. I’ve heard of a couple of US based ones that are meant to taste really good but I think that is due to added flavourings, and I’ve not tried them myself.

@Phil_C ideas sounds like it may help, but also chilled water may help - and less water is better for me. That sounds counter-intuitive as I guess you would expect a stronger taste with less liquid but it actually improves it IMHO.

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Will have to disagree, it’s much better than I expected and better than others I have tried. I am very happy with the product. (maybe not the price)


yup I agree - but taste comparisons of greens products is a low bar starting point :slight_smile:


Is anyone yet able to report on DG making a difference to how they feel?

When I take expensive multi-vit/min tablets I notice a real difference in a feeling of vitality, in contrast to when I’m only taking the bog standard supermarket tabs. Just curious if anyone is getting a similar va-va-voom from DG.

Probably depends on how lacking your regular diet is, how much benefit is gained. I start from a low base.

Nope. I haven’t actually noticed a difference.

Ah. :frowning: but thanks for the reply.

Probably you’re bursting with health and superpowers anyway.

I should give it a go as I’m decrepit. Probably need a boost of vitamin D.

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Definitely feel a little ‘fresher’ and less bloated but at the same time, couldn’t tell you how much of that is psychosomatic/placebo effect or genuine change. I’ll take either as a win frankly. First few days it did sit a little heavy but then I got used to it.


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I just ran a new 10k PB :crazy_face:

Little to say it was the greens that gave me the energy though and my training readiness was showing as 1/100 before I left.



I have a vague recollection of PBs being pretty freaking awesome. Breaking new ground, pushing back the boundaries, exceeding the limits, being the best you’ve ever been.

Oh boy, where are my manners?

I am Mark, also known as Mark the Shark to the team here at Huel. Coming into my 5th year working at Huel so some would say I’m very much part of the furniture :chair:

Charlotte has moved onto bigger things however, Cam and Amie are still around on discourse helping with various topics :heart:


Why do they call you Mark the Shark? Do you eat a lot? Are you always moving forward? Have you got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes? Do you lend people money and then break their legs if they’re late with repayments?