📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 234

Weight: 51.7kg

Food Intake:

  • 55g BerryHuel
  • 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • 60g Huel Granola
  • 3 bp

Activity: (2350kcal out)

  • 16,478 steps total
  • 2h rock & roll

Other Observations:

  • 1.50pm: Ate too much Huel. Triggered.
  • I’ve overestimated my ability to jump right back into the no bp life, but I have seen how gr8 Huel is as a tool if I need a break from the cycle. I just don’t see enough of a point for a streak rn i guess.


Day 235

Weight: 51.6kg

Food Intake: (1512kcal in)

  • 112g Huel, MochaFS
  • 90g Huel Granola
  • 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • 1.5 Huel Coffee Bar
  • 25g Huel Granola

Activity: (2115kcal out)

  • 16,831 steps total

Other Observations:

  • I feel like rn I can’t willingly keep down food lmao I really need to sort that out. Thankfully my brain still views Huel as safe and nutritious so at least I’ll get some nutrition there :confused:
  • Losing my bike key has not been a bad thing for me exercise wise: I’m forced to get my steps in lmao
  • 6.16pm: feeling nauseous


There’s every point in the world! What can you do to change these thoughts? It’s not about a ‘streak’ it’s about recovery & you getting better & not falling into this ED trap so you can keep getting on with your life… You said you succeeded in going to your activities & lectures much better wheh you weren’t b/ping… This is what you need to keep striving for. Do not give in!

When’s your next psych appt? Sending you love & strength today to do right by yourself. You got dis!!! :muscle::pray::kissing_heart:


Day 236

Weight: 51.6kg

Food Intake:

  • 1 slice really nice cake first time I’m planning on keeping a non-Huel food down although I’m fully planning on bps today
  • 55g BerryHuel
  • 2757kcal bp
  • bp
  • bp

Activity: (2013kcal out)

  • 9990 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Was rlY hungry last night! Almost couldn’t sleep haha.
  • Dk why my stomach feels so odd I just feel rly nauseous :confused:
  • I’m gonna try to eat a regular dinner of Huel because bp isn’t actually fun. I want to be able to eat non-Huel food too.


Day 237

Weight: 52.0kg bp=weight gain

Food Intake:

  • 55g BerryHuel
  • 150g chicken slices
  • 5 butterfingers cups was able to stop by consciously thinking about it!
  • 70g Berry Huel Granola
  • 150g chicken slices
  • 5 butterfingers cups
  • 1 Quest cookies & cream
  • 1 Cadbury Coffee Rose
  • 1/2 Huel Orange Bar performing today, can’t conveniently eat dinner
  • bp

Activity: (1958kcal out)

  • 10,126 steps total
  • rock & roll

Other Observations:

  • I definitely prefer eating my meals vs drinking it—I feel like I down Huel way too quickly if I’m just drinking.


You could potentially try making your own Huel bars with the powder using a similar recipe to this and this.

You’d need to change the water content and experiment a bit, but it should work and you may be able to take more time with bars without having to change your orders.


@IcyElemental oh wow I don’t know how I’ve gone these 7 months with Huel without the thought of making my own bars even crossing my mind! I’ve made protein bars from the powder before so it shouldn’t be too difficult; thanks!!


This is very encouraging news! :+1::clap: Glad to hear you are keeping on keeping on! :joy: Hope your performance has gone well tonight too :kissing_heart:

On the whether to eat/drink your huel thing, I know what you mean that it doesn’t feel like a meal when you just drink it & don’t physically eat anything… Having just a few cashew nuts or a nature valley bar has helped me with that, so maybe huel bars - official or homemade! - will be the answer for you.

In my case it’s not so much cos I drink huel fast - I find that impossible, even when I’m really hungry for my cacao huel goodness the quickest I can drink half of my 2 scoop shake is like 30-45 mins tops, I feel sick & uncomfortable if I try n chug it faster & mostly I sip it over an hour or 2 in the morn & same with the other half in the afternoon.

Amazed me on a recent thread on here how many ppl could put a full 3 scoop huel down in minutes!! I’m quite a slow eater anyway tho… I just keep going, hence my phat ass :joy::joy::joy: huel is helping tho, I’m getting to the point of needing new clothes soon & being able to get back into old ones! :blush: But I feel so great all round from huel that even if I didn’t want to lose anymore weight, unless I win the lottery & get a personal chef to cook me a whole food diet as nutritious as huel is, I’ll be sticking with my daily shakes. :smile:


Day 238

Weight: 52.4kg i wanna start losing weight consistently again sighh but the desire somehow isn’t strong enough?!!

Food Intake: (4205kcal in)

  • 112g Huel, MochaFS
  • 15g Huel Granola
  • cscake
  • bp
  • bp

Activity: (1564kcal out)

  • 5013 steps total

Other Observations:

  • I’m thinking maybe instead of trying to soooomewhat lose weight, I should just shift my focus to having a consistent intake & Huel & reducing bp instead. I doubt I’m gonna make my December goal of 50kg because I don’t really have the drive nor belief in myself to do it since I’ve been stuck in this bp hell + maintaining around this weight for the last 2 months.


Keep it up friend :blush:


This sounds like a brilliant approach & one of the best things you could do for yourself at the moment. Rooting for you!! :purple_heart:


Day 239

Weight: 51.8kg

Food Intake:

  • 1/2 of (112g Huel, MochaFS)
  • ~80g 6 pieces salmon sashimi w soy sauce
  • 150g chicken slices
  • 1/8th of (58g BerryHuel w 38g water)
  • 4 butterfinger cups
  • 100g vivera
  • 5g Huel Granola
  • Formal Dinner—


Other Observations:

  • I’m starting to get quite nauseous / the physical feeling like I need to throw up when I eat stuff even Huel shakes :<< May be starting to get indigestion? Idk.
  • Term is ending; I’m gonna take sometime to reflect on the steps I’m gonna take to get better and set my mind & focus to it! I’m going to try to use some principles I’ve learnt in psychology to aid my recovery process :slight_smile:
  • Have been having quite a ED free day; no trouble stopping, not being triggered to bp by consuming non-Huel foods; eating Huel nonetheless; went out with a Friend and bought a pastry but didn’t feel the need to eat it bc I truly wasn’t hungry and told myself I could have it later. Pity Christmas dinner is gonna be huge and I don’t know how that’s gonna go. Ah well. I’ll try my best regardless, and I’ll consider it a win if I don’t binge :slight_smile:

@IcyElemental I tried making Huel bars! Taste wise it was okay…but consistency wise it was kinda like playdough… :thinking: is it supposed to do that? LOL.


You’re definitely right about scrapping the weight loss. That’s not part of your recovery anymore, it’s almost like you’ve achieved that. I mean look at this:

You’re at the target, you nailed that so you know you can do it whenever you want. Maybe just a few months of maintaining?


I can’t comment on the consistency I’m afraid as I’ve never done it with Huel powder! Although from other powders using oats as the main carb source I haven’t noticed it being playdough-y as such, though I can see similarities now I think about it. How much water did you use?


Day 240

Weight: 51.8kg

Food Intake: (2593kcal in)

  • 1/2 of 112g Huel, MochaFS
  • 50g Huel Granola
  • 150g chicken slices
  • cs2
  • bp—ice cream, cake, bao
  • 110g kelp w sesame sauce & some chicken

Activity: (1786kcal out)

  • 8308 steps total

Other Observations:

  • HNGGGGG HUEL RTD IS GONNA BE OUT SOON!!! I’ve already placed an order for Berry hehe can’t wait!
  • Managed to eat measured portions of cookies without binging on them!!! Yahs bech

@GTIPuG thanks for the reminder!! yeah wow I guess I actually did achieve what I’d set out to do 8 months ago! (Crazy thinking you were here since the very first post hehe)
I’ll keep that in mind and have a think through what my direction should be now + how Huel can factor into my life :slight_smile:


Another ten journals pop up each day but there’s still only one original I check religiously. :slight_smile:


Day 241

Weight: 51.9kg

Food Intake: (way too much, gonna gain tmr)

  • 1/2 of (112g Huel, ChocFS)
  • Bak Kut Teh 6 meat w 1T rice
  • 2 mochi (220kcal)
  • shit ton of oatmeal cookie & dough, some ice cream, bao
  • 150g chicken slices
  • Peas & shirataki
  • bp
  • cs

Activity: (1824kcal out)

  • 7734 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Going forward, I need to see what’s the best way to consume Huel with my school schedule. I used to be able to slowly eat my Huel with a spoon at home around noon because I literally had one lecture and could go home after. But nowadays I’m usually drinking 1/2 a Huel during lecture. Hmm.



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Day 242

Weight: 51.6kg

Food Intake: (2617kcal in)

  • 1/2 of 112g Huel, ChocFS
  • 150g chicken slices
  • 6 butterfingers
  • 3/4 Quest bar
  • 1/2 Huel Orange bar
  • 50g Huel Granola
  • some flapjack & brownie
  • bp—oatmeal, oatmeal cookie, oatmeal cookie dough, flapjack, Nutella

Activity: (2150kcal out)

  • 15,098 steps total
  • 1+h ice skating with friends!! YAY nearly bailed bc I was feeling rly guilty and sick but didn’t!

Other Observations:

  • Feeling very apathetic; could be end of term exhaustion.


Day 243

Weight: 51.6kg

Food Intake: (~1451kcal in)

  • 55g BerryHuel
  • 123g Huel Granola
  • 150g chicken slices
  • 1 cup Americano
  • 350g broccoli w 10g nooch
  • scrambled eggs + minced meat w beans

Activity: (1705kcal out)

  • 6094 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Huel Granola is great for nonstop snacking ahaha but I am SO FULL.
  • Having a meal out later cooked by other people and church retreat and it’s kinda stressful but welp ITS OKAY ITS OKAY.
  • IF’d perfectly 12-8 :} Even though someone was giving out chocolate after; just saved it for tomorrow instead!
  • Voluminous nutritious food = no bp urges wahoo
  • But i feel SO BLOATED AND FAT agh
  • NO BP WAHOO! Was surprisingly easy since I’m still remembering how trash my head felt & shitty gag reflex

Day 244

Weight: 52.0kg

Food Intake: (idek)

  • 56g MochaFS Huel
  • sushi & aubergine
  • apple crumble
  • brownie
  • chicken & veg
  • cake

Activity: (2141kcal out)

Other Observations:

  • Could be pre-ToM bloating bc I definitely did not overeat.
  • Someone spilt my Huel all over the kitchen floor :rage::rage::rage: May have no Huel today. Any of you have Huelaccidents? XD
  • Today was hard bc u was supposed to spend 10am-11+pm out with people and had little control over all the meals so yeh ouch. Good practice for next week’s ski trip though!

Day 245

I think the Huel forum has a new rule that you can’t post more than 3 consecutive replies to a post so unless someone else comments I can’t post…?

someone pls comment so I can separate posts

Weight: 51.5kg

Food Intake: (1271kcal in) could be less but I don’t know if I misweighed granola so I’m just gonna add a couple more grams

  • 1/2 of (112g Huel, MochaFS)
  • 152g Huel Granola LOL ate this like popcorn while watching Netflix xD
  • moar Huel Granola
  • 50g frozen berries
  • 4 chicken slices
  • 72g chicken slices
  • 150g broccoli w 6g nooch
  • 100g carrots
  • 3 butterfingers

Activity: (1750kcal out)

  • walking 4+km to bf’s
  • 8808 steps total