📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 246

Weight: 51.8kg

Food Intake: (3178kcal in)

  • 56g MochFS Huel
  • 94g Huel Granola
  • 150g chicken slices + 6 chicken slices
  • 11g brownie + 1/3 Sains choc crepe
  • cscake
  • 1854kcal bp

Activity: (1718kcal out)

  • 8714 steps total
  • walking back from bf’s


Day 247

Weight: 51.4kg

Food Intake: (3635kcal in)

  • 56g MochaFS Huel
  • 131g Huel Granola
  • 1000kcal bp
  • 200g broccoli + 68g chicken + 100g carrots
  • 1300kcal bp

Activity: (1571kcal out)

  • SO SEDENTARY lol woke up, worked a bit, took a nap.
  • 5277 steps total

Other Observations:

  • (TMI) I think my BMs are better and more regular when I have 1 meal of Huel & granola + other stuff vs 100% Huel
  • Gonna aim for 7-12 days no bp
  • It’s funny—a part of me is really keen to try stupid diets like the Military Diet, but also I know that if I actually wanted to lose weight I do know how…and I might as well do a 1400kcal 100% Huel which is convenient and nutritious. After all, my week of Huelling got my weight to average under 52 after 1.5 months of being 52.5ish. So I guess an unintentional effect of Hueling is being less prone to jumping from stupid diet to stupid diet?


Just in case :wink:


Day 248

Weight: 51.3kg

Food Intake: (1522kcal in)

  • 56g MochaFS Huel
  • :sushi:: 72g Aubergine + 90g salmon sashimi + 57g Broccolini + 1 chocolate mochi
  • 123g Huel Granola addicted to snacking on this hehe
  • more aubergine & cssushi
  • 1/4 Quest Bar + 80g chicken slices

Activity: (2298kcal out)

  • 14,194 steps total
  • 2.5 gym classes (2h)—lower body workout, boxing, hip hop

Other Observations:

  • Had my psych appointment and boy did I need that. She believes in me, /I/ believe in me. Today won’t be a bp day, because I know that doesn’t help my future. I do have the capability; I’ve done it once I can do it again. I’ve found my reason: I’m investing in my future, and to stop the apathy.
  • SUCCESS!! Today went so well: did work I was procrastinating on, got started on some internship apps, socialised with 2.5 friends, and went for 2.5 gym classes, didn’t bp and ate sushi in moderation, and will be doing some packing. She’s right: I CAN do things if I put my mind to it. And as you guys keep reminding me periodically by referencing really old posts from 7 months ago, I’ve come so far :slight_smile:
  • Working out kills my appetite lmao
  • Planning Ahead: I’m going on a ski trip this Saturday for a week!! :ski: The thing is: I don’t know how to work Huel into my schedule. I’m not sure if we have a fridge, and I can’t bring my shaker on the slopes, AND there’s buffet provided 3x a day. I definitely don’t want to stop Huel’ing because it gives me so much stability and balanced nutrition, but I might have to just adapt and decide to eat a bar of Huel at noon everyday bc it seems like the most practical option. It’s going to be difficult, but I’m gonna keep trying to do the best I can. Thoughts? How would you guys use Huel on a ski trip?


Hey girl, nice to hear you sounding positive! :blush: You can definitely do this, you have so much going for you. One day the BPs will be far behind you, just keep taking steps to do right by yourself, even if they are baby steps, you’re still heading in the right direction. Much love to you :purple_heart:


Just what I was thinking!!

“I’ve split it up into 4 weeks for you, so it’s easier to understand.”

Gee. Thanks.


Your ONLY option is take your Huel in a hip flask. Unfortunately you won’t get a huge amount in there, but you’ll look cool af on the slopes when you stop for a sip!! :sunglasses:

If you go the hip flask route (and I know you will), I demand photographic evidence.


Think your huel bars idea is the best if shakes are gonna be impractical… MarkyT’s hip flask idea is very good… But I can think of better things to go in it than Huel! :wink::tumbler_glass:

I went abroad for a week in October, stayed in an apartment with a little kitchen, fridge etc so was totally practical to make Huel… & I still never used it tho I took the powder with me! :joy::joy: Too busy out & about, enjoying the local food… I didn’t overeat, ate less than I would have at home cos I was occupied all day every day on trips etc… And I imagine your ski trip will be similarly active!

Whatever you decide to do, have an awesome time away! :smile:


Day 249

Weight: 51.8kg

Food Intake: (1522kcal in)

  • 56g MochaFS Huel i really should get another round of flavour boosts samples!
  • 86g Huel Granola
  • 50g frozen berries
  • 1 butterfinger getting better at delaying gratification and controlling portion sizes
  • etc im lazy to write ahaha

Activity: (1743kcal out)

  • 8850 steps total
  • took a walk with bæ

Other Observations:

  • I woke up sore EVERYWHERE ahhh haha I’ve low key missed this. Feels like accomplishment :joy: but yeah my butt, shoulders, chest are all SO SORE.
  • I realised that even throughout the last 3 months of bp hell, I’ve still largely stuck to eating past noon, breaking my fast with at least 1/2 a Huel (1 full one tends to make me feel way too full). It’s become my anchor of sorts. Not looking forward to that being changed up at ski trip, but I’ll be right back to it after! (May do another week of Huel bc why not)
  • Another day done right wahoo!

@MarkyT HAHAH I can think of other things that would warm me up on the slopes… :tumbler_glass: Thatd be hilarious though ngl.
@VenusFly Hehe thanks I’ll try to make it back in one piece! Yeah true; especially if I stick to IF and just have 2 buffet meals I can still make good decisions with a lil bit of pre-emptive planning! :smiley: Although I wish it wasn’t an all-inclusive buffet week and instead, buy-your-own-food because then I can feel all superior with my Huel :new_moon_with_face: WHOS THE REAL WINNER :rofl:


Superb Chris. Well done.


You are SUCH an inspiration, Chris - do you know that? I don’t have half the challenges you face every day, and it’s a humbling experience sitting on your shoulder, as it were, and witnessing your pain and your triumphs.

Go, Girl!!


Day 250

Weight: 52.5kg this kinda sucks but ah well losing weight doesn’t have to be my priority right now :slight_smile:

Food Intake: (3737kcal in)

  • 56g MochaFS Huel
  • ~120g Huel Granola
  • 1364kcal bp
  • 1404kcal bp

Activity: (1502kcal out)

  • 2413 steps total

Other Observations:

@MarkyT @Lighteater Thank you both for your support; you guys are amazing :’)


Day 251

Weight: 51.9kg

Food Intake: (1910kcal in)

  • Pret a Manger Egg White Omelette
  • 2 Huel Bars
  • 2 Maom
  • ~1110kcal buffet Dinner

Activity: (2194kcal out)

  • 11,467 steps total
  • snowball fight

Other Observations:

  • DIDNT BP DESPITE A HUGEASS DINNER! Went to play in a snowball fight instead. There is hope! :>
  • Huel is such a LIFESAVER omg bringing all those Bars was actually a fab idea: my friends were buying £10 Maccas in Switzerland and I just casually ate my Huel hehe and I think it helped me not to go crazy with mental and physical hunger at the buffet :slight_smile:
    • Huel Bars are the perfect travel snack!!! Was eating it on the plane, the transfer, and the bus and no one questions it bc they think it’s a granola bar
  • Most definitely gonna gain weight during the trip but I’ll keep making the best decisions I can. Was able to delay gratification for many of the foods :slight_smile: it will be a challenge but I got this!!


Day 252 no Huel

Weight: 51.5kg this is what not bp-ing & moving does??? can’t wait to smash today!

Food Intake: (idek)

  • 570kcal Breakfast
  • huge Lunch
  • huge Dinner
  • bp

Activity: (2249kcal out)

  • 11,832 steps total
  • 2.5h snowboarding :snowboarder: (2-5)

Other Observations:

  • I fit into my ski pants (from when I was ~50kg at 15-16) with room to spare!!! This is such an accomplishment because I remember almost crying when I was struggling to zip them up with my fat spilling out at ~17 or 18, so !!! I GOT DIS. Hard work and dedication and patience will get me there :slight_smile:
  • No Huel and I bp twice and miss out on friends nO.


What is a Maom when it’s at home?


Day 253

Weight: 51.5kg

Food Intake:

  • buncha stuff
  • 1 Huel Bar

Activity: (2589kcal) dayum exercise doe

  • 17,191 steps
  • ~5-6h snowboarding :snowboarder:

Other Observations:

  • Eating Huel is like an investment into making less bad decisions out of hunger later (like the advice “eat some fruits and salad before you go to a party so you don’t overeat”). Was rly hungry in the morning bc I didn’t eat a big breakfast, so even though it was nearing lunch I ate some Huel bar and it helped to sate some hunger :slight_smile:
  • I don’t think I will Intermittent Fast this week bc snowboarding 9-12 and 2-5 is quite energy-consuming ahaha


I am not taking away from your journey at all, in fact it’s really uplifting to see your progress.

What I do wonder though is whether Huel and calorie counting works to actually replace disordered eating with a similar compulsion


Day 254

Weight: 51.4kg

Food Intake: (2831kcal in)

  • 1 Huel bar
  • a shit ton of other stuff

Activity: (2386kcal out)

  • 13,495 steps total
  • 5-6h snowboarding :snowboarder:

@fernly it’s a sweet! or is that a riddle?

@Hdoyle aw thanks! haha trust me I have spent months being paralysed with no direction because I kept questioning every food-action “but what if this is still disordered?”. And well, it’s too exhausting and not worth it, so rn my stance is just do whatever works and keep trying to take steps to better myself and function in life without overthinking it :slight_smile:
Also my psych helps act as an external check and balance to keep me on the right track so I’m not too worried!


Maybe these?


Boy, talk about high-carb, low nutrition… :confused: