📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


@Bee Haha true! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess what I meant was I usually weigh with a t-shirt on so that’s what I’ve recorded trend-wise! Like it’s not accurate to say I’ve “lost 0.4kg from yesterday” just because I took a t-shirt off :joy:


Day 269

Weight: 50.7kg time to deal with the aftermath; it’s not like I didn’t see weight gain coming tho

Food Intake: (5000+kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel + 1 Huel Bar
  • Snack—1/2 MochaFS Huel + 1 Huel Bar
  • 3x chicken slices, carrots
  • 2x bp

Activity: (1702kcal out)

  • 7826 steps total

Other Observations:

  • 2 days of 100% Huel before going to Berlin leggo :raised_hands::muscle:
  • Had a lil bit of self sabotage today because I had to firstly get used to caring about weight again, then deal with the weight having increased, then realised that dealing with christmas yesterday actually did take quite a bit of effort. It’s aight, no harm no foul I’m setting my mind on this I got this! :slight_smile: Wanna feel amazingly stable on Huel again.
  • I’ve noticed a trend: every single day that I’ve bp’d I’ve had so little activity, which probably correlated with lack of self belief & exhaustion. Another reason to stop.


Day 270

Weight: 50.8kg globdammit

Food Intake: (1420kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • Snacks—120g Huel Granola
  • Dinner—1/2 MatchaFS Huel, 80g Huel Granola

Activity: (2250kcal out)

  • 17,514 steps total
  • Gym—swings, abs dips, T25 cardio (165kcal), Max30 10min Ab Attack


Hey! Your journal is very interesting. Just wondering what you mean when you say 1/2. Is it half of a ‘normal’ serving, so 1.5 scoop?


@Moon thanks and welcome! :slight_smile: I used to write “1/2 of (112g Huel, MochaFS)” but that took too much time haha. 1/2 liquid Huel+chewable Huel bar or granola because the full serving makes me too full at a go haha


Gotcha! I’m gonna try that when I get my next order, 3 scoops is a lot to drink. Do you have anything with the granola or do you just nom straight out of the box? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Moon yeah Huel is ridiculously filling!! also I like something to crunch on which takes ages to eat haha. Sprinkling it on Huel is great, sometimes with Greek yogurt/milk, but I mostly just peck away at it like popcorn :popcorn: while I work :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 271

Weight: 50.5kg yuhs Huel

Food Intake: (1427-1577kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MatchaFS Huel, Tom Yum Soup for socialising, was a lovely lunch!
  • Snack—1/2 MochaFS Huel, ~120g Huel Granola
  • Dinner—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 150g :carrot:
  • Idk—1 FibreOne carrot cake bar + 3 butterfingers this nearly made me binge but I’m not gonna let it. was for taste & enjoyment.
  • 500ml Monster Ultra Violet bc brain fog and I needed caffeine…didn’t work tho

Activity: (1942kcal out)

  • 13,433 steps total

Other Observations:

  • New Years’ Food Resolution: I’ve decided that come New Years’, the bulk of my food is gonna come from Huel products. The drink, granola, and bar serve all the purposes I require from food and keeps me mentally & physically stable, so I don’t see why I would have to look for alternatives as my staples. We’ll also see how RTD fits into my routine or if I’m just gonna try it for novelty.
  1. Nutrition (the shake)
  2. Cost (the shake)
  3. Portability and convenience (the bar)
  4. Texture (granola & bar)
  5. Boredom & study snackables (granola & bar)
  6. Taste (the shake, granola, and bar :’)
  7. Mental satisfaction (the shake & bar)
  • I’m not gonna do this “as a diet” (although it makes CICO so dang straightforward), but truly because it makes me feel great, helps me function in life, saves time on washing & groceries & cooking. I’m literally not even gonna bother buying groceries anymore since I can get most of what I need from Huel. I’m not gonna mindlessly buy stuff out of habit, if I do it’s gonna be intentional with a food-purpose in mind.
  • On occasion, if I truly do want something else I’ll eat out/some non-Huel foods, or cook a balanced meal with the kinda-bf.
  1. The only food function it doesn’t serve is socialising (easily solved if we have Huel Parties, guys! :stuck_out_tongue: )
  2. Novelty/trying new foods and cuisines
  3. Occasional treat
  • As Huel purports, it’s not that you want to deprive yourself from the pleasure food can bring, but that’ll be on occasion to satisfy those food-purposes, being flexible to not miss out on social events and potentially cravings :slight_smile:
  • Ah another thing is the brain fog!! idk why I keep getting such a clouded brain on Huel; could be lack of sleep but I’m not sure bc the brain fog is always more pronounced on Huel. Any ideas? Just because of this I might try Keto in Summer to see if it sharpens my cognitive functions (and I’d have time to cook in summer at home).
  • I am SO DAMN PROUD. Went out to lunch with a Friend and DIDNT BP. Ate non-Huel food and DIDNT BP even though the urges were strong af. This just takes practice to solidify! Tough asfck but if I keep going, I’ll get there.


We need to get on this, stat.


Omggg a Huel toast at midnight on Monday!? #partyhard


Day 272

Weight: 51.2kg didnt sleep, no bm

Food Intake: (~1190kcal in)

  • 500ml Mountain Dew for the bottle & novelty
  • 1 chewing gum
  • Lunch—1/2 Huel Orange Bar, 2 Proper popcorn :popcorn: (1 bag has like 105 popcorns :>), 140g carrot sticks
  • Snacks—1/2 Huel Orange Bar, 3 slices ham
  • Dinner—~1+ big cinnamon roll, 150g cottage cheese

Activity: (2436kcal out)

  • walking a shit ton everywhere touring—22,993 steps total

Other Observations:

  • saved cals for a Rueben sandwich that didn’t come to be bc no space :< angeryyyyyy but isokay
  • German supermarkets >>> UK supermarkets
  • Also German bread >>> UK bread sorrynotsorry


Day 273 no Huel

Weight: 50.7kg haha I almost typed 57 xD

Food Intake: (2819kcal in)

  • Lunch—cottage cheese, eggs, 1.5 protein bar, ham, some cinnamon bun
  • Dinner & Snacks—mushrooms, streuseltaler, Reuben sandwich, 2 French pastries, 1 Milka cookie

Activity: (2414kcal out)

  • 23,089 steps total


Day 274

Weight: 51.0kg

Food Intake: (3566kcal in)

  • Lunch—75g cottage cheese, 3 eggs mostly whites, Bol Japanese salad :green_salad:, 1/2 protein bar
  • Snacks—4 chocolates, 1/2 tub ice cream, 20g Huel Granola
  • Dinner
  • cheeky NYE alcohol

Activity: (2386kcal out)

  • 14,746 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Becoming more aware of WHY I eat certain things and dayUm i didn’t realise i felt so much accomplishment from “finishing food”. And also leftover habits like impulse-buying 13638191 protein bars every time I went to DM. Wanted to buy a lot of nostalgic German foods too bc it’s my 2nd last day in Berlin haha.


Day 275

HAPPY NEW YEAR :partying_face: GUYS!!! Here’s to another great year with Huel by our side :>

Weight: 51.0kg

Food Intake: (1589kcal in…before bingeing lmao ~4000ish)

  • 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • 150g lactose free cottage cheese
  • 2 halves DM protein bar (white chocolate & tofee)
  • 90g Huel Granola
  • 8 Zartbitter Schokolade
  • 1 Protein Bar (Brownie)
  • 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • 1 packet veggie crisps
  • 1 sparkling lemonade (11kcal)
  • 1 packet popcorn
  • binge

Activity: (2196kcal out)

  • 12,989 steps total
  • sprinting for my plane lololol


Day 276

Weight: 51.3kg

Food Intake: (3708kcal in, ~1645kcal)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • Snacks—1 Huel Orange Bar, 1/2 MochaFS Huel
  • 2751kcal bp

Activity: (1853kcal out)

  • 10,707 steps total

Other Observations:

  • AlRIGHT so the festive season is over, and from 25/12-2/1 (~1.5 weeks) I’ve gained 1kg. I don’t think it’s the eating-out per se (because I AM able to eat out! Just be mindful of choices and portions), but mostly because I binged q a bit after. The upward trend is scaring me and I’m annoyed because I was 0.3kg away from 50kg. Not altogether too terrible, since I just told myself to not gain past 51.5/52kg. BUT I’ll draw a line; New Year’s a time for new beginnings anyway.
  • Today’s gonna be a Huel day to get back into routine! :slight_smile:
  • I overestimated my ability to immediately snap back into routine after changing locations. Had overly high expectations from the New Year gung-ho (do all my work, be productive, do 2 workouts, 100% Huel, no bingeing). Will keep trying tho and ease into it. Progress, not perfection!
  • Also I was out of Huel Granola which threw me off track since it was part of the routine & also exhausted aka ineffective prefrontal cortex

Start Weight: 51.3kg its still 10.1kg lower than my SW last March!
GW1: 50kg (by end Jan)
GW2: 48kg (by end Feb/mid-March)
GW3: 45kg (just before 2019 ends hahaha)


Just curious, but why is your goal weight 45kg?
I’m the same height as you, and find a healthy weight if I’m doing lots of exercise and have some muscle mass (which you definitely do! I can see from your diary you are very active) is 52-56kg. I’m currently 65kg and even with plenty muscle definitely feel over-weight. The lightest I’ve ever been as an adult was 47kg and that was with very little muscle mass and I was classed by my GP as very underweight. Are you sure you’ve calculated your goal weight correctly? The weight you are now seems ideal or possibly low for our height. I know we are all different builds, but with lots of muscle mass, I’m not sure 45kg is even possible?!

Edit: I just had to scroll to the top (took a veeeeeery long time :rofl:) to check we are actually the same height lol and actually you are like a tiny inch shorter than me, oh and twenty years younger. So yeah 45kg is probably possible lol. But you’ve reached your initial goal weight that you set at the beginning of this thread which was 52kg down from 60kg Wooooo way to go!


If you press the “576/576” post counter in the bottom right it gives you a scroll bar to easily shoot up and down. :nerd_face:


Woah ! :boom:


@ChristinaT HAHHAHA that dedication to manually scroll to the top tho :clap:

I guess bc my lowest weight was 45.5-46kg and I got there using unhealthy restriction, so part of me kinda wants to show that I can do it with a moderate calorie deficit and CICO is really all that matters.

Also I still had extra flab then and I’d like to be leaner if possible. It’ll still be within the healthy range, around BMI 19.22 :slight_smile:

I’ll probably just evaluate as I go depending on how my priorities shift with life, so for now it’s a rough guide! Thanks haha I can’t believe I actually hit 52kg when back then it was but a lofty goal :’)) My goal then was to not be overweight, and I guess now it’s shifted a bit more to becoming leaner & cutting body fat %. Couldn’t do it without you guys, some of whom have been here since the way way way way way beginning! :scream:


Are you sure? Sometimes we lose our sense of proportion. I personally (and of course, I’m no expert, just a concerned bystander) would suggest getting a “second opinion” on this as you near the target.