📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 285

Weight: 49.9kg

Food Intake: (~1513kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 StrawberryFS Huel, 1/2 packet :cricket:, 1/2 bagel thin w 1/2 babybel 11g tomato 1 chicken slice 4g mustard hot sauce, 8g Nutella
  • Snacks—30g Huel Granola, 200g seafood selection, 2 1/2 Muller light yogurts, 1 slice wafer thin roast beef
  • 2780kcal bp (~695kcal)
  • 1 blackcurrant Hartley’s Jello (7) + 330ml mango passion fruit sparkling water (~4-7) + 54g 2 mushrooms w hot sauce (9)

Activity: (2246kcal out)

  • 15,741 steps total
  • 2h salsa class

Other Observations:

  • Woke up sore af so my muscles could be retaining water. Still under 50 tho so it wasn’t fluke!


Day 286

Weight: 49.9kg its so nerve wrecking be right at the border of the 10s aHggghH

Food Intake: (~1636+kcal in)

  • Lunch—1 packet chickpeas (88), 1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1 donut, 31g caramelised chicken
  • Snack—Zoodles w shrimp, 1/2 Alpen salted caramel, 1 butterfinger
  • Dinner—Thai Curry :curry:
  • 2892kcal bp (~723kcal)

Activity: (2094kcal out)

  • 2h dance w Friend
  • 14,140 steps total


Day 287

Weight: 50.2kg ahaha I’m back to this stOp bPing dammit

Food Intake: (1378kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1 bite choc cake, 1 Americano
  • Snack—1 packet snack-a-jacks, 1 Special K strawberry biscuit, 1/4 protein cookie, 1/2 protein bar, 144g chicken slices, 4 beef slices
  • Dinner—2/3 curry Bol, 27g shrimp, 300g Thai Chicken Noodle Soup, some veggies
  • Snacks—1 Jamaica Rum Cake Bite, 101g blueberries, 1/2 Hartley’s Jelly

Activity: (2209kcal out)

  • T25 Ab Intervals
  • 13,593 steps total


Day 288

Weight: 49.5kg this is UNREAL.

Food Intake: (1459kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MintChocFS Huel, 45g carrot cake, 1 Little Ones Cottage Pie
  • Snacks—30g 1/2 portugese egg tart, 1 packet Protein Chips, 72g prawns w 10g salsa, 124g blueberries, 1 cheese string
  • Dinner—1/4 SlimFast Bar, ~90g Huel Granola, 3 mushrooms w salsa, 1.5 Hartley’s Jelly, sparkling water

Activity: (2475kcal out)

  • 5km walk
  • T25 TBC (169kcal)
  • 20,247 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Only has 3h of sleep, but finding it easier not making excuses to skip working out. It’s also not as bad as I think it’d be!
  • Term’s starting, calories out will probably be ~1800+. Gon brace myself for that & shift my priorities. Huel’s still my fallback bae tho.
  • MintChocFS: Never been a fan of the flavour even for ice cream, but it’s a’ight. Prefer strawberry!
  • The slimfast bars are …really bad… and artificial tasting. Huel all the way!!


Day 289

Weight: 49.9kg

Food Intake:

Activity: (1888kcal out)

  • T25 Speed 1.0
  • 9652 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Annoying to gain, but it’s oKaY. Consistency > speed.


I know you put this on the end of the comment, but you need to believe it yourself! I guess your first thought was UGH I’VE GAINED WEIGHT HENCE GAINED FAT?

The 400g you gained could be bloody anything, could be bowel contents, could be water retention, could be bladder contents. Certainly not fat in a deficit though!

I know it’s a tough game of patience because I have the same thing when I weigh every morning and have the exact same thought, but saying it back to someone else really reassures it in my mind!


@GTIPuG thanks!! haha this couldn’t have come at a more opportune time: indeed, I did have to spend a bit of time suppressing my instinctive disappointment. #yagetme haha

And the niggling thought that mAYBE I’m not actually in a deficit. thanks for the reassurance!! always great to have an external voice of reason who’s also gone through this :’))


Day 290

Weight: 50.3kg oh what?? :confused:

Food Intake: (1387kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 35g Huel Granola, 49g 2 mushrooms, 50g shrimp, 5 chicken slices, 1/2 WW caramel wafer, 1 caramel snack-a-jack
  • Snacks—1 ryvita crackerbread w 1/2 laughing cow cheese & 1/2 tomato, 19g toffee apple flapjack, 36g carrot cake, 32g portugese egg tart
  • Dinner—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 15g Huel Granola, 2x 1/4 MuscleFood Protein Bar (choc peanut & choc coconut), 2x 1/4 Nakd Bar (Bakewell & choc coconut)

Activity: (2215kcal out)

  • 14,879 steps total
  • 1h Rock & Roll

Other Observations:

  • Welp. Back to 50.3kg. Ah well maybe it was the tiny binge. Bc it’s earlier. BM. Also I’m back to lectures and my routine’s gonna change so I’ll account for that and just try not to gain beyond 50.5-51kg! I’ve lost weight I can do it again. And in doubt, I can always fall back on my good ‘ol safety net 100% Huel haha
  • Getting better at eating treat foods in moderation once again, and being able to stop after eating a good portion!


Day 291

Weight: 49.9kg want the number to drop since I’ve been here for a week but it’s ok!! at least it’s stabilising; if I’m consistent it’ll drop soon enough :slight_smile:

Food Intake: (1457kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/4 MochaFS Huel, 100g sashimi w soy sauce, 2 portions eggplant, wakame
  • Snacks—85g Huel Granola, some croquette, 2 butterfingers
  • Dinner—1/4 MochaFS Huel, 1/2 pot chicken laksa soup, crackerbread, mushroom, 1/2 finreone, 2 butterfingers

Activity: (1890kcal out)

  • T25 Lower Focus (~160kcal)
  • 9130 steps total


Day 292

Weight: 49.9kg

Food Intake: (1367kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 50g Huel Granola
  • Snacks—chicken slices, prawn, 1/4 protein bar, 1 packet pork crackling, mushroom, 1 Oreo thin
  • Dinner—sashimi, prawn, wakame, berry pie :pie:

Activity: (2414kcal out)

  • 45min Extreme Intervals (245kcal)
  • T25 Cardio (169kcal, 240@38min)
  • 16,499 steps total


Day 293

Weight: 49.7kg

Food Intake: (1596kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, Huel Granola, etc
  • Snacks—etc
  • Dinner—etc

Activity: (2024kcal out)

  • 12,624 steps total—no exercise today tbh just walking a bunch to and from lecture, to and from college, back from Newn

Other Observations:

  • I ate so many treat foods in moderation yesterday and I’m finally getting the hang of this portion sizing thing!
  • The urges are strong and almost unbearable. But if I get through today, 7 days—a whole week—bp free!


Day 294

Weight: 49.7kg

Food Intake: (~2018kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel
  • 2456kcal bp (~614kcal)
  • Snack—131g prawns, 1 small packet apple slices, 1 packet Hippeas, 2 packets UFit
  • 2901kcal bp (~725kcal)

Activity: (1499kcal out)

  • literally nothing
  • 3393 steps total


Day 295

Weight: 49.3kg

Food Intake:

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 60g Huel Granola, 1 packet pork puffs
  • Snacks—1 Krowka caramel, 1/2 Nakd bar, 3/4 protein bar, 1 packet peppered squid
  • bp

Activity: (1967kcal out)

  • T25 Cardio (169kcal)
  • 11,899 steps total


Day 296

Weight: 49.3kg

Food Intake: (~1743-2397kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1.5 tomatoes, 3 mushrooms, 50g chicken slices, 60g Huel Granola
  • Snacks—60g Huel Granola, 5 caramel balls, 35g pea snack
  • Dinner—80g crayfish, 101g mixed seafood, shit ton of roasted veggies
  • cookie, 1 Oreo thin, ~6+ chocolates

Activity: (2218kcal out)

  • T25 TBC
  • 11,774 steps total


Day 297

Weight: 50.1kg …whoops.

Food Intake: (1419kcal in but feels like more)

  • Lunch—1/2 CaramelFS Huel, zucchini tomato mushroom, 50g chicken I like this FS! Smells SO GOOD. Although I have toffee flavdrops so I probably won’t get the packet
  • Snacks—1 Huel Bar, 5 Nakd salted caramel, roasted veggies
  • Dinner—120g Huel Granola, Cauliflower Fried Rice, some mushroom stroganoff

Activity: (2115kcal out)

  • 1h Hip Hop
  • 16,313 steps total


That’ll drop back off you, likely just water weight from the glycogen and salt in roasted veggies. :slight_smile:


Day 298

Weight: 49.7kg

Food Intake: (~1376+kcal)

  • Lunch—1/2 CaramelFS Huel, 60g Huel Granola, mushroom & tomato & 50g chicken slices, 1 packet seaweed
  • Snacks—1/4 Fulfil white choc cookie dough, 1/2 Fulfil salted caramel, 1/4 Nakd pecan pie
  • 2592kcal bp (~648kcal)

Activity: (1939kcal out)

  • T25 Speed 1.0 (~150)
  • 10,308 steps total


Day 299

Weight: 49.1kg

Food Intake: (2117kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 PineappleFS Huel, 30g Huel Granola, etc
  • Snacks—2x crayfish tails, prawns, mushrooms, roasted mushroom
  • Dinner—Burns Night! Haggis, Neep & Tatties etc (~1200+kcal)

Activity: (2117kcal out)

  • T25 Ab Intervals (123kcal)
  • 9420 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Going out tonight for Burns Night (are you guys celebrating?), scale might increase tmr ahaha welp. Could’ve decided to bail, and to also bail on tomorrow’s dinner, but I’m gonna try the best I can & experiences>the number on the scale! WAHOO.


Randomly, my wife came home with a Haggis last night and has decided from now on we are celebrating it! I dont think I have the calories for it though! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Shes got a spotify playlist sorted and has bought Brave to put on for the kids haha!! Neither of us is Scottish but apparently its a thing in our house now!

ps Love your updates btw. They’re what pushed me over the edge to try Huel after reading them all mid December! Thanks!


Day 300

Weight: 49.7kg

Food Intake: (>2250kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 PineappleFS Huel, a lot of mushrooms, prawns, roasted veggies, 1 jelly
  • Snack Party
  • Dinner out

Activity: (2151kcal out)

  • 14,412 steps total