📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Guess @Huel has a good point here, I think fat percentage would be a lot more meaningfull :slight_smile:


Weight / BMI can be a rabbit hole. And the only thing truly important is the question does it really fit your goal.


This is another 10kg below your original goal of 52kg.
I’m feeling the need to point out that it appears the bp has been increasing, the lower your weight drops.
Your main goal was to prove to yourself that you can reach a healthy weight, through healthy means.
Don’t lose sight of the real goal
Take care xx


Thanks for the perspectives, guys!

@ChristinaT mm very true; I guess human desire is innocuously insatiable huh :sleepy: I suppose I set that at a point when I never thought it’d be possible to lose weight, but having gotten a hang of it…CICO is actually working?! But yeh imma definitely check with my psych because I’ve also gotten a tad concerned that it’ll never be enough. BMI’s (and goal) still in the healthy range so idk.

@Huel @ChrisH0402 I was thinking 18-20% BF buT I have no idea how to measure that (I bought calipers but uh I can’t measure the reading of my back fat etcetc) so I guess the scale just gives convenient data points :joy::sweat_smile: Any advice?


This proves you’re human :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope someone else is able to give you some advice,
I’m unfortunately not :sweat_smile:


It seems you get triggered by the natural fluctuations that are easily explained by stomach content, water weight, time of the month etc. From what I’ve seen in this thread, those are the days you tend to bp.

Is there a reason you choose to weigh yourself every day or is it just out of habit? I personally notice a big improvement mentally (and physically as a result) when I don’t weigh daily. Because I too am easily thrown off by silly fluctuations. And they really are silly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Daily weigh-ins gets to me too.
I try to weigh day after 2 twenny bars - granted I am drained of anything and everything after that… fucking malitol LOL.


Calipers are the best way to measure fat. But are a pain to use. Best way to have someone else do the pinching.

Other way is the use of a smart weight scale. But they are not as accurate as they claim to be, but give a trend in the words of up or down. But please do not have a KG number. There are so much more factors that will give you the feeling of accomplishment.

Do you have a inspirational person in mind? A fitness model or something?


I’d echo @Huel on using callipers.

Don’t use body fat analyser scales - even really expensive ones use a calculation to estimate and they are really inaccurate.

I’d say it’s worth asking a professional to calculate your current body fat percentage with callipers - it’s quite tricky to take all the measurements in all the right places and then do the calculations, but if you do it right, it’s by far the best indicator.
A good personal trainer at your local gym should be able to do this for you. Most gyms will give you a free half hour introductory personal trainer session, but even if you have to pay for it, it’s worth it (but check first that they know how to measure and calculate it).
Or you might be able to find someone who is currently studying sports science or similar who is willing to help you out for free or skill swap.
Another possibility is your GP… although they usually just do weigh ins and crude bmi calcs but they may be willing to refer to a specialist. I’d say it’s worth getting their advice anyway, if you have a GP you like and trust.

It’s really important to not get fixated on scale numbers at this point - it’s ok when you’re overweight and just need to lose a rough amount. But when you’ve hit your target weight and your goal switches to body shape, body fat percentage and muscle score / tone, you need someone experienced to advise you. Gyms are usually a great place to start because body builders are really clued up and most will be willing to help you out and give you some guidance.


Day 312

Weight: 48.6kg

Food Intake: (~1802kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 70g Huel Granola, 66g seafood, 1 packet crickets
  • Snacks—120g Huel Granola, 1/4 Nakd cocoa coconut
  • Dinner—roasted veggies, beef, baked rice, ice cream & cake (~630kcal)

Activity: (2185kcal out)

  • T25 Cardio (163-183kcal)
  • 15,901 steps total

Other Observations:

  • (TMI) Have been having very regular and predictable BMs. Gotta love all that Huel fibre!
  • Will reply y’all later, rly exhausted of late
  • I’m wondering whAT IF one were to live of Huel Granola like kibble hmmmmm :face_with_monocle::thinking: 420g=1491kcal a box a day? :joy: taking my granola obsession to the next level xD
  • It’s actually crazy how much just walking can raise your TDEE! I’ve started walking everywhere instead of cycling and it’s done wonders :smiley:


Day 313

Weight: 49.0kg

Food Intake:

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 50g Huel Granola, 1 packet veggie chips (111)
  • Snacks—Cakes & Snacks @ Event (~683-854)
  • Dinner—Creamed spinach, miracle noodles, 140g shrimp, etc.

Activity: (1789kcal out)

  • nothing
  • 10,991 steps total


Day 314

Weight: 48.7kg

Food Intake: (~2500kcal in???)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 30g Huel Granola
  • Snacks—8 slices chicken, 1 packet BBQ pork puffs, ~100g cucumber noodles
  • CNY Celebration Dinner—A SHIT LOAD OF STUFF :open_mouth:

Activity: (1807kcal out)

  • T25 Abs (77-95)
  • 10,413 steps total


You’ve lost 20% of your entire bodyweight in a year, that really is something.

Just sayin’ :blush:


@Huel what you said really got me thinking…I realised that I never actually had an idea of what my “dream body” was (apart from very vague “uh the middle ab line…?”), which is kind of why I’m wondering what to strive for.

I guess the reasons for that is mostly because I’ve never really had my body type represented anywhere.

  • I’m short
  • I’m asian
  • I have a larger top and bottom than most petite asian girls (I’m just chunkier and I think that’s how my frame will always be)
  • I want a fit looking body over skinny ones

no one to look up to, so it feels like one big experiment of me just trying to get my weight down and to see what I look like at a variety of BMIs.

Every slim person I’ve wanted to emulate just didn’t have my body and I never realised it wasn’t realistic. After your comment, I looked up celebrities/people around my height to see how weight roughly looks on them:

  • Kourtney Kardashian (lmao :rofl:)
  • GoGreenGoLean Susanna Tang
  • Ariana Grande

Nonetheless, it’s still going to be a balance between seeing them as inspiration, and realising that our bodies are ultimately different and mine won’t look exactly like theirs even at the same weight. A mix of emulation and experimentation; stay tuned :smiley:

(Thanks for the probably unintentional food for thought btw, sorry that was a longass reply!!)


Weight training, only way!


The food for thought was intentional. The scale is just a scale, and I believe that you want a progress in physical appearance rather than a number on a screen.

I would describe Ariana Grande as thin not fit. Of course using them as a reference is good.

Compare yourself with your selfie :wink:


If this is your goal, you definitely need to stop weighing and start lifting and measuring body fat instead of worrying about scale weight and BMI. BMI just doesn’t fit athletic bodies.

If you want to look ‘fit’. You need muscle mass.
If you have muscle mass there is absolutely no way you can achieve your new goal weight of 43kg.
I’m the same height as you and also have a mixed ethnicity similar to yours. I’m petite but with a solid and curvy build rather than a petite waife-like build.
I therefore have an idea what 43kg is gonna look like on you, and it’s not a great look. You will be super thin and won’t have much muscle tone (it would be impossible at that weight).

I remember you saying a while back that you wanted to try to get back down to your lowest weight, but this time with healthy means.
I have two questions about this:

  1. how old were you at this ‘lowest weight’ ? (You’re now 20?) so you must have been in your teens.
  2. can you be sure that you are achieving your goal in a healthy way right now? Your bp definitely increased as soon as you went below 50kg. You’re body naturally doesn’t want to go below this weight so this is why you started struggling.

Wanting to get back to your lowest weight is probably not possible if you want to stay healthy. As you hit your 20s you’re bone density will be greater than what it was in your teens. You may not be much taller but everything (organs, bones etc) still keeps growing and changing. It’s not possible to attain the same figure you had in your teens, the same way that I at 39 will never get down to the 49kg I was when I was at your age. Not ‘healthily’ anyway.

I think it’s really important you switch from a weight loss mind-set to a body-building mindset. Why not take up body building seriously? You have the discipline it needs - it’s obvious from your diary! And you have the perfect starting weight with minimal body fat so you have a major advantage because you won’t need to try to shed fat and build muscle (which is near impossible) - you can just focus on building muscle.
It would involve needing professional advice initially but you could then continue on your own once you know what you need to do.
It would involve switching to eating a calorie surplus, rather than a deficit, to build muscle, plus a very organised and targeted weight training schedule. Make sure you get a female PT because female bodies are very different and we build muscles differently and also strive for a very different body shape.

Just a suggestion! But hopefully one you consider - it would be a great way to continue all the progress you have made so far. The last thing you want after all your hard work, is to start slipping into chronic ED territory, become dangerously underweight and battle with that and all the health complications that go with it.
Now is the PERFECT time to switch to body building instead of weight loss.
Whatever you choose to do, please do get some professional advice on your goals. It’s really important to have a clear idea of what you are working towards, and know how to get there without damaging your health (this applies to both further weight loss AND to body building - both / either could result in illness or injury or lack of progress and frustration if you don’t know what you are doing).

Keep us posted! Hahaha just realised that was a daft thing to say, considering your dedication to this thread for the last 314 days :rofl:


Thanks for your long and considered reply (as always!) :smiley: The care is much appreciated.

I would want to caution against taking correlation to mean causation though.
Although it’s tempting, given that I do seem to put a lot of detail in my logs, whatever I write here is still but a small snapshot of what’s going on. Here’s all the changes you guys may not see (happening at the same time my weight went below 50)–

  • my school term has started, and it was the holidays back then & I could have a little more rest and stability
  • I’ve had to smash out 4 essays in the past week and have been very sleep deprived/unable to make carefully thought out decisions and have hence reverted to habit
  • I’ve had major and rather emotional changes at home
  • It’s lunar new year which has been a huge stressor for my ED since it began
  • direction: does weight dropping–>bp more, or bp more–>weight dropping?

So I’d request that perhaps we refrain from jumping to conclusions? There could be many MANY factors at play :slight_smile:

Maybe, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out. This log places a disproportionate emphasis on weight (although I’m just recording it for data consistency sake), but tbvh I’m not actively trying to drop weight fast. I’m not in any hurry, and while I’d like to lose some more fat, it’s not a priority right now. I still don’t particularly like gaining, but who does haha. (apart from maybe GTIPuG and #gainZ :stuck_out_tongue: )
If my main priority were to lose weight

  • I’d be more incentivised to bp less since it’s been proven that that helps me lose weight more consistently and effectively.
  • I’d just 100% Huel

My main priority now is to function. There’s many aspects to recovering, and reducing the frequency of bp is only one of them. But in comparison to last term (having many days I could barely leave the room; being tardy with work; skipping many commitments; isolating myself from friends), I’ve already been doing much MUCH better on all fronts.
Tl;dr, there’s many things that’s impossible to infer from whatever I record. Namely, I’ve been more mentally stable, less like an emotional wreck and sociable. For now, that’s enough for me.

I’m definitely considering this! Although I like not doing things half-assedly, so I’ll probably do it properly during Easter break or Summer break :slight_smile: Not very feasible at this current moment with my schedule, so I’ll just continue with Shaun T’s T25 with my friend atm.

Aww thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely; thanks for the reminder. My plans for both of them would be

  1. To seek my psychologist’s advice on further weight loss, tonight actually.
  2. To join a nearby gym (30 quid for a month for students I think!) and get the induction session & plan by the PT there! I’ve already talked to him before about this :slight_smile:

Really, thank you for your care and concern. I don’t think that would happen as I know so much better rn (literally, a 500kcal Huel shake would’ve sent me into shock last time and I now drink Huel because I know I want to feed my body nutrients), but I can see why you guys may think it’s a possible danger. It is, and it’s nearly always innocous. In part, that’s why I’ve been so transparent with the good the bad the ugly on this log–it’s great to have many inputs to figure this whole ‘health’ thing out together :slight_smile:


@GTIPuG d’AwW YOUuU /blush
hey, I suppose it is actually something! :smiley: honestly can’t believe it haha I still remember when I was 1.5kg in and we and another person briefly talked about reverse dieting HAHA I’m surprised I haven’t needed to do that at all…


Day 315

Weight: 49.1kg

Food Intake: (~1925kcal in)

  • Lunch–1/2 MochaFS Huel, 160g Huel Granola
  • Snacks–
  • Dinner–

Activity: (1525kcal out)

  • …nothing
  • 5066 steps total

Other Observations:

  • welp after today imma reflect a bit and get my head back on straight; I’m just running on habits (good and bad) rn