📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


Day 316

Weight: 49.5kg

Food Intake: (1408-1490kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, 1 Huel Orange Bar, 20g Fulfill Hazelnut Whip
  • Snacks—2 packets garbanzo beans, zucchini, mushroom, prawn, 2 jellies
  • Dinner—323g halibut, cucumber noodles, lettuce, prawn
  • Liquids—4 cups berry tea, 1 cup water, 2L water

Activity: (1808kcal out)

  • T25 TBC (133-153)
  • 9479 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Aight time to get back on track. Consistent calorie deficit leggo.
  • Tea is actually great?!!! Makes a great study-partner with no calories haha. (Bc I always struggle with being snackish while working)
  • Any tea recommendations?? (Yes, I’m asking all you Brit-tea-sh experts :wink: )


Pukka Love Blend (bright pink box) is beautiful or anything by Heath & Heather… All very lovely teas. Blackcurrant & echinacea (can’t remember brand, supermarket tho not a health shop exclusive one!) is an interesting flavour & very good for this time of year… Cold & flu season, echinacea is good for warding that stuff off… It increases your white blood cell count to boost your immunity.

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I love these guys




I always assumed you were British Asian for some reason Chris, are you not?



Day 317

Weight: 49.6kg

Food Intake: (~1284kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 MochaFS Huel, prawns, 1.25 Nakd Bar
  • Snacks—popcorn, chickpeas, zucchini, mushroom, 1 bite cookie, 6g Grenade spread
  • Dinner—1/2 MochaFS Huel, popcorn, 1 pretzel & 1 cheese twist, lettuce w mushroom
  • Liquids—2 cups water, 2 cups green tea, 1 mug decaf coffee, 3L water

Activity: (1964kcal out)

  • T25 Abs (93)
  • 11,619 steps total

Other Observations:

  • welp. gaining weight’s a pain but ah well I’ll just be consistent; I can’t gain weight indefinitely if I’m not bingeing
  • I’ve literally eaten SO MUCH today so I have no idea if I counted my calories right bc I feel way more full than 1200+kcal haha. But could be, since it’s mostly high volume food.
  • my Fitbit seems to be giving me lower calorie burns since I changed the strap…could it be that I’m in fact burning less than I thought I was? :sob:
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Day 318

Weight: 49.2kg

Food Intake: (1358kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 BerryHuel, 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • Snacks—Nakd, 1/2 Fulfil, 1 packet snack a jacks
  • Dinner—Popcorn, Creamed spinach, zucchini, pan fried salmon, 7g Grenade spread, 13g brownie

Activity: (2290kcal out)

  • T25 TBC (111-132)
  • 21,134 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Valuing functioning without bp over a lower number on the scale :white_check_mark:
  • Really helps to be incredibly busy throughout the day, almost as though I nearly don’t have time to eat or think about food!
  • Tea is so filling who’s (AND VANILLA TEA IS SO GOOD?!)
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Best reply promptly so you don’t have 666 items in this thread !
It could be a beast ???

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Day 319

Weight: 48.8kg

Food Intake: (1768kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 BerryHuel, 1/2 Huel Orange Bar, 4g Nakd salted caramel, 72g mushroom, 94g zucchini
  • Snacks—50g popcorn :popcorn:
  • Dinner @ Tapas—(~773kcal)

Activity: (1986kcal out)

  • T25 Cardio
  • 14,257 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Going out for a tapas dinner with boo tonight! Am gonna take this as a challenge to gain experience from. May gain tmr, hopefully not til more than 49.6 haha. Will try to make the best decisions.
  • losing weight properly this round without bp yahS

@hunzas HAHHAA thanks for the thoughtfulness :wink:



If you can gain weight from tapas then you’ve got more money than sense :wink:

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oLIVE OIL BOMB tho :joy::joy::sob:

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Day 320

Weight: 50.2kg ?!!?! (edit: 49.6kg after BM ahaha)

Food Intake: (~3000kcal tbh)

  • Lunch—1/2 BerryHuel,
  • Snacks—
  • Dinner—

Activity: (1960kcal out)

  • T25 Lower Focus (150-173)
  • 12,633 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Haven’t had really regular BMs
  • WADAFARK how did I gain 1.4kg overnight?! I didn’t even binge and even though I was a bit more full than usual I didn’t purge either. Ugh. I don’t even think I surpassed my calories out by much! Okay that really sucks because I tried so hard .-. Might reduce my meals out haha so hard to count restaurant calories. It’s annoying bc it feels like it’s been 4-5 days of consistently trying to eat well, exercise, and not bp and then bam one night out (making good choices and I swear it was barely overeating) and it’s back to above 50…this is one reason why bp is so tempting lel. Sorry for the rant! I’ll be fine haha just mildly frustrated.
  • Having a formal dinner celebrating being halfway through my degree later! Gonna think through that so I minimise the risk of bp-ing ahaha.


Probably salty tapas. :slight_smile:



It’ll be sodium…
salt = fluid retention
Don’t worry about it



@GTIPuG @ChristinaT ahaha thanks for entertaining my whining :joy:
I know it’s ‘not all fat’ but it still feels sucky grah xD

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The downside of weighing yourself daily. Yet I still do it :grin:



Day 321

Weight: 49.8kg

Food Intake: (idk)

  • Lunch—1/2 BerryHuel
  • Snacks—
  • Dinner—

Activity: (1487kcal out)

  • literally nothing :confused: today wasn’t the best…
  • 3670 steps total

Other Observations:

  • Imma minimise going out for meals for now, there are other less effortful and triggering ways to still socialise!
  • Huel 100% tmr leggo


Day 322

Weight: 49.1kg

Food Intake: (1400kcal in)

  • Lunch—1/2 BerryHuel w MatchaFS, 1 Huel Orange Bar
  • Snack—1/2 Huel Orange Bar, 60g Huel Granola
  • Dinner—1/2 BerryHuel w MatchaFS, 1 Huel Orange Bar, 25g Huel Granola

Activity: (1764kcal out)

  • T25 TBC (137-161)
  • 8436 steps total

Other Observations:

  • So thankful I can fall back on Huel especially in times of being emotionally drained and not wanting to have to deal with binge urges :’)
  • Outcome of consulting my psych re weight loss:
  1. I’m still ~5-6 months off anyway
  2. Lose weight (~2-3kg) gradually and re-evaluate as we go along
  3. It’s fine if it doesn’t become obsessive
  4. Trying to control your body isn’t inherently bad (heck we all do it to varying extents)…unless it takes over your life and you sacrifice your health

Tl;dr it’s fine, worrying about it more & being more obsessive can become the problem…so I’m not gonna and don’t wanna worry too much about it for now. We’ll see how it goes in a coupla months! @ChristinaT



Do you also take pictures ?



@Huel of what? :joy:



Of progress I think, as @Huel does here.

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