📓 Daily Journal: Intermittent Fasting (16:8), ED Recovery and Weight Loss


To anyone who’s wondering (probably no one, but here it is anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ), here’s my Huel-flavouring stash all lined up!

@Madeleine That one by the left corner is for you! :stuck_out_tongue: Following your suggestion and thread about Nooch, I finally took the plunge and bought it at Holland and Barrett! I’ve been sprinkling it on veggies so far and haven’t dared tried it in Huel…how do you recommend preparing it?


Hi @jeffy89 love your stash! This is my favourite recipe for using Engevita … 400ml water, 100g Huel (half U/U, half original vanilla), 1 tablespoon Engevita, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg if you like it.

It’s not to everyone’s taste though!

In other news, I’ve cracked my pineapple craving! I’m adding 2 or 3 teaspoons of baobab powder to vanilla Huel. Gives a fruity, pineapple-y, almost sherbet-y flavour. Very refreshing and very nutritious. Baobab is an amazing natural product. Look it up if you haven’t seen it before (I hadn’t)


I see you are using TRS Cinnamon Powder. Is this the Cassia variety? From what I’ve read, Cassia isn’t as good for you as Ceylon, and can be poisonous if you have too much. I nearly bought Cassia as cheaper, but found out (it may have been on here) that Ceylon is the one to go for!


Day 22

Weight: 59.8kg I don’t understand. One does not simply gain 1kg overnight and have it stay on… and I haven’t even really changed my diet drastically! I worked so hard to sloooooowly, 100g by 100g get that off. What’s the use if it just jumps back on 10x as fast?

Huel Review: I can’t tell if this is New Vanilla or with toffee drops.

Food Intake: (1529kcal)

  • NewHuel 112g
  • 2 veggie Percy pigs (50kcal)
  • Snacks—2 egg whites + 1 egg yolk + 2 ham + 2 plums
  • 6 mini butterfinger cups (150kcal)
  • Dinner—Broccoli w nooch + 200g chicken breast w 10g BBQ sauce + 5 cherry tomatoes + 2 brioche

Exercise: 1h conditioning

Other observations/thoughts:

  • Ok let me try to troubleshoot this…I suppose several things have changed since the school term started, which was when my weight started to fluctuate and increase.
  1. Waking up earlier
  2. Weighing earlier
  3. Bowel movements more irregular (I thought it might be because I hadn’t had a BM but I just did and I’m still 59.8kg kmn)
  4. Cycling and walking more
  5. Had alcohol on a night out
  6. Averaging 1700-1800kcal (I thought this was maintenance lel) instead of 1400-1500kcal
  7. Eating :cookie:
  8. More stress: Mock exams, everyone coming back, adjusting to the schedule, president elections…
  9. Less sleep (6h vs 8h)
  • I’m not going to stop IF-ing nor am I stopping Huel. For the first time in “dieting”, my goal isn’t just to lose weight as fast as possible. I want to do what makes me feel good, in control, disciplined. I want to be consistent and not abandon ship the moment it seems to “not work”. Who knows, it could drop drastically in the next 2 weeks (lol wishful thinking)
  • Its great that this plan I have is a lifestyle change, not a diet. These habits that I’d built up during Easter break (which was my goal, really) have PROVED that they help me lose weight under less stressful conditions. And so I don’t have to throw in the towel, because I legit don’t feel deprived at all. I knew I’d probably maintain or gain, but I guess I’m bummed thinking I might not actually have a shot at reaching my goal of 58kg by the end of May. Was so close, and now so far.
  • BUT I /am/ going to follow through with my plan of having a 100% Huel week from 7th to 13th May of 1400-1500kcal, so watch out for that! :smiley:

@ElectroDan Oh no, I never knew there was a difference! HAHA yeah like you I just saw it was MUCH cheaper and thought “what a steal!” Ah well I guess I just wont put TOO much then :sob:


@jeffy89 lack of sleep is an absolute killer. It wrecks your mind and body and makes you eat crap and makes your body cling to every calorie. (Yes I’m too familiar with it, yes I’m bitter!) :sob:

Stress and new routines can also cack things up. But if you can keep to a healthy routine, or at least keep getting back on the wagon, you’re going the right way to seeing results when things settle down.

Also, sometimes the scales are not your friend. I used to think mine were just a bit dodgy when they fluctuated all over the place with no apparent impact from a good day, but over time - and I’m talking charting over a month or more - the downward trend could be seen. I hope you’ll see similar in a few weeks!


Found the reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you can break physics it’s going to be as easy as sticking to your deficit. With a 500 calorie deficit you can drop 1lb a week, with a 1000 calorie deficit you can drop 2lb a week (but I’d say this is dangerous at your height and weight, not enough nutrition).

You can’t act surprised to be maintaining with nights out with drinks, cookies and an intake of 1800 haha.


@GTIPuG HAHA I know, I’ve been tracking so I know technically I should be maintaining (having tracked the cookies and alcohol too, not on top of it)?? I just don’t see how I could’ve gained 1kg back so quickly eating maintenance.

@Kay thank you for your encouragement! Lack of sleep and stress is quite the weight loss bitch isn’t it xD Yeah, I guess all I have to do is to keep sticking to a healthy routine (and make small tweaks to make it as healthy as I can) and trust that it will come down when life settles down once more. I guess rn personally it’s important for me to not think “well I’m exactly the same weight I was when I was eating junk, might as well just eat junk” but instead focus on all the other aspects aside from weight, and yeah I HAVE had a pretty consistent downward trend…I now have the choice to turn it downward again, or make it skyrocket upwards. Pretty straightforward choice I think :stuck_out_tongue:
How has your experience with losing weight been? (I read on another post that’s what you’re trying to do? :slight_smile: )


Knocking yourself into a deficit over the first week likely dropped your water weight by a kilo.
Creeping back into maintenance and possibly above into surplus has likely caused that water weight to creep back in and your glycogen stores to be replenished. Bodies are confusing things. :slight_smile:

A deficit of 500 a day should give you a loss of maybe 2kg in a month. It’s literally all just consistency and self control. How badly you want the end goal is what determines your level of discipline I guess.


Day 23

HI FRIENDS! So I’ve decided that I’m going to do 100% Huel next week (and will be starting a new thread to document that challenge. Will link when I create it!) and am looking for fellow Huelers to go 100% together! :smiley: [Looking for Huel Challengers!] Challenge: 100% • 1 week

Weight: 59.8kg shrugs

Huel Review: Hmm people have been raving about the Toffee Flavdrops but I don’t really taste it very much(?)

Food Intake: (~1700-1800kcal)

  • 1/2 cocoa Huel + 1/2 Huel w Toffee Flavdrops
  • 6 mini butterfinger cups (150kcal)
  • 3 ham (87kcal, 16g)
  • 50g chicken breast w 5g BBQ sauce
  • Kinda-binge—20 raisins from muesli, chocolate from 5 brioche & cs
  • Dinner – {Girton Formal}
    A bite of bread w butter (~1/5 roll)
    3/4 ball falafel w pomegranate seeds
    ~1/2 Pork w carrots
    A bite of Japanese Cotton Cheesecake w orange & raspberries

Other observations:

  • After changing my sleeping pattern kinda my bowel movements have been disrupted lel.
  • Was SO HUNGRY at 12 haha my stomach was literally growling
  • 4.25pm: Just when I thought I was getting that binging thing under control… I felt one coming on, and tried to get rid of it by picking healthier options ngl. With protein. Had ham and 50g chicken breast, but couldn’t get my mind off eating the raisins from muesli (yes I’m weird and my mind just gets fixated on that one damn idea). So I ate 20 raisins from that. Then picked at a whole bunch of brioche (5)’s mini chocolate chips. And c/sed. My mind is going crazy and kinda wants to binge but I WILL NOT. It feels like coming out of a dream I couldn’t control, that last hour. Ugh I forgot how timewastingbinging was…
  • I didn’t drink alcohol today! Yay!
  • I’ve had p terrible binge urges today, especially when I came back from Formal…I was almost tempted to break my IF-ing after 4 weeks of doing it (yes it was that strong), but NO. NO. Consistency is key :key:
  • I’m kinda bummed I’m not really losing weight but I’m thankful I’m not continuing to gain weight exponentially as I was before I started trying once more to get my diet in check. I’m in control of my body. I got this.

@GTIPuG the way you say things can be really harsh/blunt haha but I guess one phrase struck me in a positive manner “you can’t break physics”. ED-and-recovery has made me take the long route of developing many unhealthy associations with numbers, especially since back then it seemed to be that if I -500kcal, I’d be left with 1000kcal or less. That’s what started it all, really…it’s not easy cutting as a 5 foot tall sedentary Asian girl :frowning: (yes I know I need to up my exercise but that aside haha). My body just doesn’t burn as many calories ~existing~ and it feels so unfair. That you’d be able to cut on 2000kcal while I gain.
Tl;dr I decided that I’m ready to face reality and numbers again, and am learning to dissociate emotion from the number game. And that consistency beats yo-yo-ing. So here it is, plain and simple:

Ngl one thing that worries me though: if I cut at 1500, then stop losing, then cut more until 1200kcal and stall again…what do I do? I don’t wanna end up eating 800kcal haha. Any advice?


Hahaha, sorry if it comes across blunt, I guess it’s just a bad habit of dropping truth bombs. It’s not meant to be harsh or insulting, it just seems to do more damage to sugar coat things, pardon the pun.

We’ll worry about that later. Once you get on the road to a stable nutrition plan and sustained, controlled, healthy weight loss you can start considering the future.

The only reason I can cut at 2000 cals is an addiction (a positive one, I guess) to weight lifting. I picked it up a few years ago when I lost weight and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Insane fun, great for mental health, great for body confidence and even better for appearance.

A close female friend is 5ft6 and maintains on 2300 a day, she’s been lifting for 6 months. It’s not for everyone but I can’t recommend it enough.



I’m currently cutting on 2500 cals… @ 6ft1 185lbs (less now)

Lean mass always burns extra calories, plus making sure other factors such as sleep are in check.

I also have found from previous experience that the body very quickly adapts to the new amount of calories its taking in, I found when I had a really disordered relationship with food years back I actual lost weight at one point when I started eating more, impossible right? Well argue with the mirror and scales…

I think this is why refeeds and diet breaks are showing signs of success in the most recent studies.

I’m having a refeed/maintenance calorie day once a week at the moment, and it’s working really well!

Might be worth having a genuine refeed at maintenance or just above, controlled obviously, not “let’s eat 10 cakes!” haha. Should be easy enough to gauge with Huel :slight_smile:


Yeah I completely agree, especially important when lifting in deficit too. It can seriously burn someone out to be lifting on an intense program while in deficit without a refeed or cheat meal every once in a while, as I mentioned when I did my deload. :frowning:

I mean I wouldn’t recommend this for OP as she’s barely lost 1KG and doesn’t deplete her glycogen stores to any extent (yet…). In OPs case it would just be ‘eating at a surplus’ rather than there being any point to it.

OP - Sorry if this seems nasty or blunt once again, not intended to be :slight_smile:


Hmm, the studies I think were done on untrained individuals if I recall rightly, nevertheless its certainly an interesting concept and one I’m keen on trying to implement myself, aka periodically minicutting, thus keeping my metabolism as high as possible when I jump back into a slow bulk. What I’m doing isn’t essentially relevant to op,

The video above might be useful to explain where I’m getting this idea and notion form.

And going back to how any of this is actually relevant to OP, I think it’s certainly a good tool to use in the event of a weight loss plateau, where further calorie restrictions are not appropriate, or getting way too low, which they would be for op if she dropped calories any further.

It is also a good psychological break too, and stops obsession over constant long cutting, which is the Rabbit hole I ventured down years back, certainly not a good place to be.

Apologies for talking about you as though your not actually here… :joy:


Day 24

Weight: 59.3kg this is good feedback for me to recognise that just because I’d gained weight doesn’t mean I should go on a full blown binge, and just because I’ve lost a bit of weight (that’s probably water) doesn’t mean I should go on a full blown binge either.

Huel Review: Tried Coffee Huel today! I was less disappointed than I thought I would be from all the reviews, but I can see how there’s that slight bitterness and the coffee isn’t strong enough. I’ll be mixing it with Vanilla Huel and coffee granules next time!

Food Intake: (1580kcal)

  • CoffeeHuel & NewHuel toffee 112g
  • Snacks—2 egg whites + 1/2 yolk, 2 plums, 100g blueberries
  • 165g cinnamon apple cake (my absolute fave, and I’d resisted for the last 4 weeks that the seller was starting to think I went on holiday)
  • Dinner—broccoli w nooch & sesame sauce, 200g chicken, 5 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 plum

Exercise: 2h Ultimate Frisbee, sprinting everywhere HAHA so much fun!

Other observations:

  • Haha the body is honestly so complex. I used to take weight as a very cause-and-effect mechanism like oh I ate more today I’ve gained fat tomorrow but nah the true fat loss can only be seen over time with consistency :slight_smile: It sucks because then it takes more time to figure out what truly does work but well, such is life.
  • Bowel movements starting to adjust a bit to waking up earlier.
  • It’s actually great socialising with friends without food hehe. Like it’s weird in a social sense for dynamics because they kind of expect that everyone’s eating, but I saw how easily my Friend was like lol I didn’t bring cash out I’ll just eat in college so I did the same xD
  • Weighing myself no longer gives me the same highs and lows it once used to! My mood was dictated by the number on the scale of that day, as was my self worth. I saw it as being a success pr being a failure. Of course, I still do like it when I see progress of a downward trend, but the trend needs to be over a few days not steep drops between days. That number will no longer have such an iron-clad grip on me: I’ll take it for what it is, a data point for understanding my body and my eating habits.


Sounds like a really positive mindset! I’ve found most things with food (and life) are rarely as black and which or binary as we think they are, half the issue is just stopping for a minute and looking at it rationally without judgement, then slowly it starts clicking into place again.

Escaping the “all or nothing” behavior is huge.

Recovering from an ED is possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and this is coming from a guy who’s not had an easy life to say the least (not looking sympathy votes by the way, I’m not like that), but still, it’s like doing mental gymnastics every time you need to eat. I get it.

Allowing yourself to enjoy eating with friends is another big one! I used to beat myself up whenever I deviated from my regimented diet, not fun, in fact I didn’t eat out for years in the end…

Good work. :slight_smile:


Day 25

Weight: 59.2kg lel wtf is weight even

Food Intake: (1430kcal)

  • Huel 112g, coffee
  • Snacks—4 plums, 1 packet seaweed, 25g beef jerky
  • 1 chocolate mochi from Wasabi
  • Dinner—veggie stirfry w egg + 2 eggs whites & 1/2 yolk + nooch + 8 slices turkey ham + Panang Curry Slim Noodles :spaghetti:
  • 1 plum

Other observations:

  • I DO like it when I’m consistently active throughout the day—cycling, walking, dancing, etc
  • So I stayed over at a friend’s room yesterday, and preparation is everything! I packed my clothes, toothbrush, weighing scale, healthy snacks (plums & jerky & seaweed), Huel in case… I mean we might’ve gone out for lunch and I wouldn’t have minded, but having Huel in case never hurts!
  • I don’t have to be ashamed of Huel lol people may judge but wtv it’s my life. Thinking of ways to describe/explain it lel Q: Any ideas?
    “It’s like portable fast food but actually healthy because it has all the nutrients you need” (and balanced macros)
    “A chocolate smoothie”
    “Meal-replacement shake you can live off of” (I don’t like the sound of meal replacement lol people just end up thinking of SlimFast)
    “Convenient and cheap: lel broke student + it’s exam term ain’t nobody gon do groceries”
    “It’s made of oats—I eat oats for breakfast anyway so might as well: it just has more fibre and protein and is balanced”
    “My endomorphic body type means I put on weight easier so I gotta watch what I eat”
  • I’m surprised at how “difficult” it is to get calories in when eating all of my own food: I felt like I was literally eating the whole day plum after plum and seaweed and jerky with a huuuuge dinner with curry noodles and veg and egg and ham…AND I ate a chocolate mochi when my friends got dinner at Wasabi.
  • I barely notice not eating after 8 even if I’m awake for ages haha. Bc I hate going to sleep on a full stomach.


Day 26

Edit: Ignore this (not sure if this counts bc for the first time I’m not consuming Huel, since I’m doing 100% Huel for the next week and I’m trying to get rid of any produce that can spoil.)

It feels weird not drinking Huel. I really tried: ugh a bit of an annoyance, we were supposed to have cheapish brunch £3-4 where I could literally just eat scrambled eggs and smoked salmon…then we ended up going to an EXPENSIVE AF brunch place which was exorbitantly priced (£10++) and took forever. I ended up getting the cheapest and I’d rather have had Huel -.- I love the routine Huel gives me. I tried to cancel my order but they’d already prepared it :’( Ah well. Streaks are less important than I think. Or I may just drink 1/4 just cuz :joy:

Weight: 59.3kg

Food Intake: (1595kcal, maybe 1700kcal)

  • 150g Apple tart flambé w small scoop vanilla ice cream + bites of my friends’
  • 2 eggs mostly whites + 5 slices ham + 2 cherry tomatoes
  • Snacks & Sweets—2 plums, 1/3 protein brownie, 1/2 shortbread, 84g cake
  • Dinner—broccoli, nooch, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 brioche
  • cs brioche & muffins
  • 28g Huel (1/4)
  • 1/3 muffin

Exercise: 1.5h Ultimate Frisbee match + some cycling & walking


Day 27-33: Huel 100%: 1 Week Challenge


@jeffy89 yes indeed. I do need to lose weight but I’ve got a couple of life things that just have higher priority right now, so I’m not giving it a lot of focus. Huel is fab and means I get a nutritionally balanced meal instead of skipping a meal and then eating tons of crap later, so along with a bit of mindfulness on what I’m eating, I’m hoping there’ll be a bit of weight loss that way. I’ve dieted before, so I’m familiar with what I should be doing, but I’m not counting calories or tracking fitness although that may change. I’m new to Huel so really just seeing what happens. :slight_smile:


Day 34

HEY GUYS IM BAAAAACK! From my 1 week exclusively on Huel. Boy oh boy eating non-Huel things was such an odd transition (it was a bite of my Friend’s chicken and honestly I much enjoyed my Huel).

Weight: 58.3kg

Food Intake: (1397kcal)

  • 112g CoffeeHuel, 3g ChocFS
  • 1 bite chicken + 2 bites couscous
  • Snack 1—2 plums + 2 brioche
  • Snack 2—20g turkey jerky + 5 slices ham
  • 112g Huel, PineappleFS

Exercise: 1h Hip Hop

Other Observations:

  • My stomach feels a bit odd/unsettled after eating non-Huel foods (chicken, couscous, plums, bread)
  • Edit: ‘Twas fine
  • 11.47pm: Slightly hungry…it appears having Huel as a snack is more filling than…well…not Huel.
  • Today, for the first time, I experienced how convenient Huel is: I was drinking my Huel during orchestra (I’m lead violin) and no one knew any better…had to do it because I had hip hop and orchestra back to back, so Huel was Godsent! XD Helps that it genuinely makes me happy to drink I just get so glad it’s like a healthy milkshake all day errday!