Delayed satiety

Hi all,

I’m new to Huel and only on my 2nd meal so far, and one thing I seem to be noticing is delayed satiety, I’m hoping that this passes as I work in an office where there is always something nice to eat, which paired with my poor will power could lead to disaster haha.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not sure that it matters but I’m a really big guy at 320lbs (hence my buying of Huel in hope I can replace my breakfast and lunch long term)

Very common. Most of us don’t necessarily differentiate between appetite and satiety. I also was still hungry, even as my body didn’t register it was full.

The fact that you notice this delay is good. For me it lasted three days or so, until the mind adjusted. An added benefit: once the mind makes the switch, you will notice it with regular foods also. I now realize I’m full much earlier even when eating at restaurants. What once was one meal is now a meal and leftovers.

Yep. I mix 50g in 500ml for breakfast, 50g for lunch and 100g for the journey home from work. Yesterday, I was home, but really busy, so chugged 100g when I got up at 6am. By 11am I was really hungry, but still busy, so I mixed another 100 and chugged it. By 3pm, the hunger came back, but still out and about, I whipped home and mixed another 100g.
I found this approach to be totally wrong as I was spiking and crashing all day. Today, I mixed the usual 50g and 20 minutes later, I’m full.
I’m a fat git at 130kg and this is teaching me about my relationship with food, as when I’m busy, I stuff anything down me and am not satisfied until 30 minutes later when I feel that I’ve eaten too much.