Delivery day Not confirmed

I had place an order on nov 19 and per today I have not recieved confirmation of delivery or any answer from huel customer service. Does anyone know if this happens often. Thank you

Normally you receive it next day (if you’ve ordered over £20) if you’re in the UK (?)
But currently there seem to be some delays.
They are changing fulfilment centres which means some orders are taking longer than normal, plus there seems to be an issue with DPD not sending out delivery notifications, plus all these issues mean they are being inundated with queries so are taking longer than usual to reply…

I wouldn’t worry - they will sort it out. It just may take longer than normal.

Have you tried using the Live Chat facility on the order website?

I have not use the life chat can you send me the link please I have not find that option thank you

There’s no link there’s just a chat symbol at the bottom of the screen.
See bottom right in the photo:

Are you in the UK?
I don’t know if there is a live chat facility on non-uk sites…

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Haha, I was looking for the link myself so I could helpfully help out. I never noticed the little chat bubble.