Delivery Difficulties

I ordered a weeks worth of Huel on Wednesday night, received a confirmation email on Friday morning saying it would be delivered on Monday. I selected the option for DPD to deliver to a local store, using the map to select the nearest location listed as an option. I was emailed on Monday saying it wasn’t suitable and I would receive the delivery on Tuesday. I have now selected the “leave in a safe place” option and asked them to leave it outside my door, hopefully they are able to achieve this but I’m half expecting an email tomorrow saying they failed to make the delivery.

Not sure how this is a next day delivery? It’s not the worst thing in the world but I hope you’re working on improving the system. Not delivering at the weekend seems bizarre given that most people have jobs.

Same here. Ordered on Thursday, it was delivered to my local pick-up store today.

Hi Patrick, really sorry you’ve had difficulties. What was the address you tried to have it sent to? I’ll get in contact with our delivery company and see what the problem was. Sorry again.

Thanks for the reply.

The postcode was W91NJ. I imagine the pharmacist had just not had a delivery like that before, but I figured the online map would be listing sites that had previously been confirmed as valid. As i said not the worst thing in the world but I wanted to get started!

“We are sorry but we were unable to make your delivery today”. They also sent me a picture of a flat building that isn’t even on the right road let alone the right building. They have my phone number I believe? so could have easily rung me.Trying again to get them to deliver to a pharmacy, not my local as it failed to work last time, and hopefully it will work this time. Beginning to lose patience though.

Again really sorry about this. I am trying to chase up with our fulfillment company why this is a problem.

Genuinely not trying to make your life difficult here Tim but this does not get better. I can’t select a location for them to drop it to (I guess because it failed last time). I tried to ring them to clarify my address details so there was no confusion (hasn’t happened before but the flat number and building numbers could be confusing). Unfortunately once I got through no one answered and as it’s an 0844 number so I presumably paid for the privilege of hearing them chat for a minute while saying hello like a lemon. Would you please get in touch with them tomorrow morning and get them to call me so I can edit my address to my workplace? There doesn’t seem to be an option to do that online.

Hi Tim, Any news on this? Would love to get the product this week

Just heard back. So the reason it wasn’t being delivered to the pharmacy you wanted it delivered to is because the pharmacy was refusing it due to lack of storage capacity. This was on the 22nd. It is out for delivery today and the driver has been told to make contact with you using the number you have given.

Again ,massively sorry and thank you so much for your on going patience.

Thanks Tim. Sadly he hasn’t called me. Sat in my kitchen, I received a text saying I wasn’t in. I chased up dpp directly, again an 0844 number so presumably I will be charged for the privilege, they told me they couldn’t get hold of the driver to get him to turn around. They’re going to keep trying while I sit here. I’ll let you know if they succeed but my hopes aren’t high. If this delivery fails is there any chance of you organising an alternative means? this clearly isn’t working and I have already paid for the product.

Hi Tim, so the chap I spoke to at DPD promised to call me back at four to help me change my address for tomorrows delivery. He has not managed to. Presumably his phone is afflicted with the same problem as the drivers. I am really really keen to try this product but I don’t know what to do at this point. I need you guys to take some initiative, I literally can’t make myself more available.

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Recognise that you guys have a P&L to look after but you desperately need to shift to a less budget delivery service.