Delivery in the Netherlands

When did you order? I have a subscription that was dispatched on December 3th.

I ordered on Nov 27 in the afternoon. It was shipped Nov 28 and would have been delivered at my home on (Saturday) 30 Nov, because it was already at a local sorting centre, but I knew I wouldn’t be home at that day, so I chose to have it delivered on Dec 2 (Monday) in the evening.

Maybe it is because of Christmas and all, but I hear some are waiting even longer than I am. Someone of Huel is hopefully checking.

Latest shipment was delivered by DHL indeed. Happy to not have to deal with UPS anymore!
Can’t say how fast they were (something went wrong with the subscription this last time), but tracking was fine, I had options to change the delivery times, and got a specific delivery window (1 hour) too.
Works great so far !

DHL do a good job of delivering Bryan Adams’ guitar :roll_eyes: Having worked in the parcel industry that advert gets on my tits. It’s about as far away from what actually happens as you can get.

its weird when I looked at your delivery using parcel monitor it gave more details than DHL’s Paket tracker and said the delay was because the package was taken out of the system and held in customs for export clearance. I didn’t realise that was still a thing between EU states? When DHL used to deliver my sub to Malaysia they were worse than useless - had no facility to store food shipments correctly and were blissfully unaware of local regulations on personal food imports so just applied a blanked measure on them designed to cover import and export of bulk raw food ingredients that caused all sorts of unnecessary delays and expense.

Hi gulliver,

Not having great start.

Received the e-mail with tracking code. Downloaded the app to get real-time update. The app has a rating of 1,3 out of 5 in the app store.
The app does not recognize the tracking number. Website does recognize the code.

Using a different tracking app. Shows that DHL uses DPD as the courier.
Tracker ios

I’m experiencing the exact same problem. DHL track and trace page says the package got sent from Neuwied to Dorsten and it has been stuck there since last tuesday? That’s a full week…
Already sent a support ticket to huel but no response so far. Honestly, my experience with UPS has been much better.

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I had a mail yesterday it’s getting delivered today. I have the same date as you and also from Neuwied to Dorsten.
I send tweets to Huel. Just got a message from Huel that they are aware of the issue and working hard to resolve it

I prefer UPS as courier, but I live in a city.

Mine got stuck at the DHL package center at Dorsten, Germany for two weeks. Coming from Köln and ping ponged back to Köln this morning. Must be utter chaos over there. Tip for Huel; get your storage in the Netherlands to prevent losing Dutch customers.

the DHL guys in Dorsten seem to be taking all Huel deliveries out of the system and sending them for customs clearance. DHL staff are notoriously inept in their understanding of even basic local regulations and requirements.

This morning they sent my delivery (not a Huel one) to the government department that deals with hazardous chemicals and food stuffs for clearance. This department is there only for import of cargos of a metric tonne or more for commercial use and will mean my delivery will be sat on someone’s desk for a week or more now. the delivery is 200g of confectionery.

Any update? Anyone got their order already?

My orders are still stuck at Dorsten since 16th November and 2nd of December.

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wow that’s unbelievable :astonished:

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I got mine Thursday.

Oh my lord… Is this still an issue? I ordered last week Friday and DHL is horrible, too. The only one really reliable is PostNL unfortunately :confused: Haven’t received any tracking code yet, though the Huel website says it’s been sent…

DHL suck big time and rarely send out the tracking numbers - you can however track it on their website using various other references such as the Huel order number, your postcode etc - I’ve done this a few times before and it worked. just make sure you use the correct business unit - in this case I guess it will be DHL Express.

Oh that’s interesting :slight_smile: My Huel order number is something like #80421-EU, though - so I don’t think that will work as a 10-character DHL tracking code? And just 80421 doesn’t show my package or did you do it via a special deep link of

You can’t put the customer number in the tracking number box but if you look around there should be a link somewhere in tracking menus to let you enter alternate details