I don’t like dealing with UPS as they have a bad reputation in Sweden for good reason as they’re incredibly rude customer service and lack flexability. Is there any chance you could maybe hire DHL to do the shipping between Germany and Sweden? Never had any issues with DHL

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Just commenting to say UPS suck in the UK too!


Yeah, I agree. UPS in Sweden is cumbersome to deal with in most cases.
And as a e-retailer myself, DHL has been more cost effective too, for us at least. DPD from Germany and then PostNod within Sweden has been even better.

Thanks for the feedback on this one. Obviously we are massively sorry that you have been subjected to some rude service by the couriers, not cool. Appreciate the various different options here, will pass them across to the ops team :+1:


Same goes for UPS Netherlands… Third time that UPS managed to not bring a package to our home, but instead delivered it to a pick-up point that cannot be reached by car. Very inconvenient… And I am sure I was home and that they did not even try to deliver it at our door, since I have been working from home for quite some time now.
Please switch to DHL, or PostNL in the Netherlands!

BR, Johan

Here in Italy they all suck, because deliveries are managed basically by the same local transport companies. Yesterday I even had an issue with the proprietary Amazon delivery service, which is usually perfect. But it’s funny because UPS is the one that suck less. :smiley: DHL, instead, is a nightmare. I had so many problems with them. One time I had to wait 2 weeks for a delivery, every evening a representative called me to know if I got the package (it was a funny woman, if I were boldier I would have ask her out lol). When the guy finally came, he told me “your road is difficult to find”. :joy: I told him to buy a GPS.

I think it really depends on the local services managing the service. UPS, DHL, … are just labels attached, they share the same rules. :slight_smile:
I really can’t wait for drones to take over the delivery business. :smiley:

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I just now had a similiar, terrible, experience with UPS in Sweden. I’m very happy with everything regarding Huel except that we are not able to chose a different delivery method.

UPS drivers don’t have workrelated phones so they don’t even try to contact you if they can’t bother to do the delivery. This was the case for me, where if I hadn’t contacted UPS myself, my order would have been returned to Huel just because of this reason. Then I had to go 5 kilometers to their pickup point to get the package myself, where they didn’t even check my ID or anything and just handed it to me. Of course the package marked with fragile was also severely damaged with half of it crushed, and one of the sides completely cut open. Luckily the bags inside had not been damaged.

I sincerely hope there will be other options in the future so I can continue using Huel.

BR, Magnus

In my area of Sweden (mid-Dalarna) UPS isn’t THAT terrible, even though they’re far from excellent. And the UPS website is a complete disaster information-wise. But I found sort of a ”work-around”: if you register for a (free of charge) service called ”UPS My Choice” you get the option to release the delivery so they don’t need a signature when dropping it off. Meaning they can leave it at my door if I’m not at home. But the process of registering is not very smooth, I think it even involved one week of waiting for a letter of confirmation to arrive in the mail …

That’s what happens with every delivery service here. They often can’t delivery, and they simply write that you weren’t home even if you waited all the day near the doorbell as a nun of seclusion, so that they don’t ruin their performances, otherwise the delivery service HQ could cut their contracts.
I had problems even with the new Amazon delivery service that works only in selected areas, I had a driver delivery my package to the wrong street number and insulting my sister (who luckily lives at that number) because she told him to go to the right address. :smiley:

I don’t really think changing one brand with another makes so much difference, as it depends on how the service is managed by local area contractors. As I said, can’t wait for drones, is the only way to cure “delivery pain”.

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Just venting here, following a ‘Delivery attempted’ update from UPS in Stockholm:

Our driver requires security access for this delivery. We are attempting to obtain the access information.

I have been sat here waiting in my apartment waiting for the doorbell, which no-one rang.

UPS are shite, would love another option when ordering.