So according to UPS my package was delivered to the pickup spot November 6th but from what I could understand from the man there, my tracking ID is a parcel to someone else from another company and mine isn’t there. How is this possible?

I need a solution to this, also if you could tell UPS to hire people who speak English and/or Swedish and know how to do their job that would also be fantastic.

Oh, please change courier to DPD. They aren’t flawless, but they’re still 100 times better than UPS

TNT delivered a parcel to me incorrectly a week or so ago…and I only managed to track it down today. Twats.

UPS is a disaster. Every time I expect delivery I expect problems too. I wrote a post about this here but got no response from Huel.

Since Huel is not going to do anything about this + unfair pricing for Sweden + stock problems - all of this forces me to study alternatives. Any tips are welcome by the way:)

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I hear you. I don’t blame them so much for stock issues, but the fact I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to get a response regarding pricing + UPS being the chosen courier is making me consider leaving too. Sad, it’s a good product.

@Tim_Huel I did email swedish team (no response yet) however this needs adressing quick, last day to pickup says 16th which is very soon. UPS screwed up with it lol

I’ll check in with the team for you. Sorry for the delay, as you know there’s lots going on and we’ve been slightly delayed responding. So many apologies for this.

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Thanks Tim and no worries I’ll live, but hoping it’s possible to locate my parcel before it is sent back! Maybe the UPS employee ate it…lol

@Tim_Huel I went back and managed to pick it up, my name wasnt printed on the parcel which was the problem he said so you might want to look at that, however I have my Huel now so this inquiry can be closed :slight_smile:

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