Delivery to Sweden

Got my first order today, woppiiiiii :grin:
I live in a small village and all other shipping companies delivers to local businesses where I can get my package after work, sadly UPS don’t.
It was just luck that I was home early today to receive it.
I don’t know how I can make any more purchases in the future from you, is there any chance you will get more options in the future like DHL?

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Hello! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how it would work in Sweden, but over here, if I’m not in, the delivery service will leave my package with my neighbours or in a safe place (which I have specified with them). You could ask your neighbours and then leave a note on your door for the delivery driver to leave next door if you are not in?

We also have something in the UK where there are designated parcel lockers across towns and cities. You register a parcel to be delivered to a box near you, and then you can go and access it after work, or whenever is convenient for you. I think it’s called ParcelBox or something? There may be something like this in your nearest town.

Third suggestion, have your Huel delivered to work!

Good luck :green_heart:


@thetambert Sadly, @Maarit says UPS don’t offer anything like that. She would need another courier which is not an option at this time.

Work! Excellent idea, there usually is someone at the office building :grin: :+1:t3:
Do you think I need to check with UPS that is ok and that anyone at work can sign for it if I’m not there?

@Maarit Do you have the option to write delivery instructions when you place your order? I tend to just write ‘Leave with receptionist’ on anything I order to work from Amazon.

No, I can just make a new adress, but I could write it in the “Company” section I guess :grinning:

Glad you are able to sort it. Hope things work out for you @Maarit

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I hope so too, otherwise I just have to make big orders when I have vacations or something :joy::+1:t3:

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From what I can work out, drivers prefer to deliver if they can, so if they get all the way to your office and you weren’t at the front desk, I’m sure they would leave it with a receptionist. You could also let your office team know that you have a parcel on the way and hopefully they will call you if there is any problem.

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I contacted UPS and got this, they even replied in a few hours :slight_smile:

Dear Maarit,

Thank you for your inquiry.

It is possible that you can set your work address as the delivery address of your shipment where anyone can receive or sign the parcel on your behalf in the event that you are not present on the scheduled delivery date. Please be advised that the receiver or your name must be included at the shipping information so that it will be addressed to you.

I hope you find this information useful.

If we may assist you in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Czarina I.
UPS Customer Support

Excellent! All sorted then :grin:

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