Delivery problems in Sweden

I like your product and this is the second time Ive chosen to buy from you.

All is good except delivery.
UPS in Sweden has yet to try to deliver to me, they say that they tried but despite that I was home and the adress was clear as crystral they did not even attempt to deliver.
Im angry as UPS blames me for not being home, they are lying. has similar experiences in Sweden with UPS and when I called the service staff was rude, didnt try to answer and just directed me to email them. My hunch is that UPS dont care about smaller customers and that my email will get a standard idiotic reply. Trustpilot even had a reviewer that stated that customers support said that the delivery guy can choose to not deliver if he wants, if he has other pressing deliveries. Despicable behaviour and we pay for this???

CHANGE YOUR DELIVERY COMPANY PLEASE! Even as an option. If I have to travel myself several miles each time to collect the packages while being lied to by UPS Im not going to purchase from you on a regular basis.
As I side note; other delivery companys in sweden handle this without issues.



Could be worse, could be DPD… :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s quite a few posts here about UPS in Sweden, thanks for +1 the topic, really helps us prioritise. There’s a ton of stuff the team are working on, options at checkout for couriers is definitely interesting. I’ll raise again.


I think this about my DPD driver dropping off at my pick up shop as there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.

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I have all my packages that come with DPD, UPS, GLS & PostNL automatically being redirected to pick up shops.
Mostly because of the issues with (lazy) drivers.
That and I don’t feel like going to the neighbors straight after work, if they actually do deliver a package. :rofl:


I was one of those who posted about terrible UPS service in Sweden.

I was about to quit but 2 recent deliveries, suprisingly enough, went very well. So I stay a bit longer :slight_smile: I think it is fully up to a driver: before it was another guy - lazy and rude liar, but now it seems another one working in my area and he is doing his job well. I hope it will take him quite some time to become an ordinary useless USPer :slight_smile: Up until that I will continue to use Huel but if delivery service gets back to what it normally is, I might stop. This product cannot be good without appropriate delivery.

Depressingly enough seems nor Huel neither UPS care about us …

Well huel did respond here and they atleast appear to want to diversify the delivery firms.

Now Im redirecting my deliveries to drop of boxes to eliminate the human error to the fullest degree.

Den fre 5 apr. 2019 11:21Gamilkar via Huel Forum skrev:

I also live in Sweden. I choose to get the package myself at the delivery place. Just because I know it´s there I will end up anyway.

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Talking of Sweden…where is @Squizzle - did someone mail him incorrectly?

Wondering how he is doing as well.
Hasn’t been in the discord channel for some time already and not on the forum either I think.

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No. That is correct…gone AWOL

Didn’t he say he was giving up Huel and trying something else, cost of delivery maybe? Can’t remember

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Might have something to do with the costs and delivery issues,
but he disappeared without a word.
It’s been asked in the Discord channel as well, but no one heard from him.
Messages have been sent both on this forum as well as on Discord, nothing yet.