Delivery in the Netherlands

Dear Huel,
I hope you’ll consider using DHL or PostNL for deliveries to the Netherlands – or offering a choice perhaps? UPS sucks big time, at least in the Netherlands. I didn’t even know they operated here, since no other store I know of sends packages with UPS.
They can’t give estimated times of arrival more specific than an entire day, so I have to stay in all day to make sure I don’t miss my delivery. Once when I did miss it, I was immediately told I had to come collect it myself – they refused to even attempt delivery a second time, which is customary with every other delivery company – at the closest UPS point, which wasn’t even in my town. It took me over an hour to get there and back again, and the public transport cost me around 6 euros. I’d actually have preferred to pay a few bucks more for a decent delivery service.

I’ve set up an account just to support this ! Definitely, UPS is the least customer-friendly shipping service here. Not only they will just do one attempt at delivery, after which they will leave the package at a pick up center of their choice (the one they send my stuff to doesn’t even open all days of the week), but it gets worse:

A few times I noticed they left a note saying that they attempted to deliver but noone was home, this at times I was definitely at home waiting for them. The last time this happened, I noticed this right after the note was left. I called UPS and they explained to me that their drivers are actually allowed to choose to skip a delivery and just leave a note, if they consider it necessary due to traffic, scheduling and other issues. This means that the driver will actually walk up to the customer’s door, drop a note, and then leave without even ringing the doorbell.

The lady at the customer service confirmed that this is indeed what happened during this last delivery. She admitted that this was poor service, but mentioned that this was allowed due to the service level of this kind of deliveries (UPS standard or something like that).

Huel, please reconsider this, UPS is terrible!

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I’ve have the same problem with UPS. I had an order last week and I thought to save some time I unlock the door, because I live in a street with a lot of traffic and no room for parking, I walked in the hallway and I saw a note, he was just 3 minutes before. It wasn’t very busy and he never rang the bell or knocked on the door which the previous delivery person did. But then again in my opinion every delivery company in the Netherlands aren’t as they used to be. At least he didn’t left it in front of my door, which does.