UPS in Sweden is terrible

I guess Huel is supposed to be used regularly - one way or another - as food per se.
And as such, it is equally important to have regular and stable delivery of the product. But unfortunately, UPS cannot deliver to Sweden, they simply can’t. I just checked consumers ratings and reviews of UPS in Sweden: the rating is 0.8 out of 10! It is good in a way that I am not only one suffering but still - can you believe in such a bad service these days? It is not just bad, it is ridiculously bad.
I worked hard to include Huel in my daily routine - as a couple of meals replacement and I enjoy it, it exceeds all my expectation. Great work! However, each next delivery batch is an issue - you never know when you get it, how you get it and even if you get it at all.
Last time they didn’t deliver to my home (which is kind of fine now because they never do it telling lies that I am not home and despite the fact I authorised to release it without signature to the front door), they brought it to the ‘nearest collection point’ which is quite far from me and worst of all, I cannot collect from it on the weekdays. And then I made a mistake - I asked UPS to re-deliver to my home address. They promised, they didn’t do that and now in their … system it says ‘receiver info is incorrect’. Funny enough, this was not a problem at the first place. I think now it means I will not get it and need to order again and wait and hope.

I understand that in Huel you have your own reasons to pick and choose suppliers you work with. All I ask is to give us a choice and make a second option for delivering company even if it comes at extra price.

Because, like I said, for this type of product, reliable delivery is equally important as the product itself. I rely on your understanding and hope you will take it seriously.