Delivery Time to Asia (Tokyo/Manila/Bali)

Does anyone have experience delivering to Asian cities? I’m moving cities every week or so and trying to figure out how long to expect the delivery to take (so I know which city to order to!).

The site says 3-5 days for international, but that seems too easy! Maybe for Tokyo?

Curious to hear anyone else’s experience.

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Good luck with that!

Just curious if anyone had an experience with “X days to Asia”. I’m willing to try ordering based on that! About 7 days in each city, so I’m thinking if I pre-order a little in advance I should be able to get it in that window…

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It took 2 months for my order to arrive to Tokyo.
there was no way for me to check where the order was while waiting for it, and on top of that it was missing two thirds of the items I ordered.

Good luck for you if you ever order!

I can’t tell from that glowing review if it was a happy experience or not…


Hi Amjad,
Well that sounds like a terrible experience. It’s funny, usually Tokyo is one of the best countries worldwide for mail delivery; they are damn efficient here.

Maybe I’ll hold off until I can find it in stores someday.

Thanks for answers!

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Yeah, I would say it’s an experience alright

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I don’t know what happened on the way, but I can tell you the problem isn’t Japanese delivery system for sure.

Have you gotten in touch with Huel via email? Honestly they are more qualified than us.

Maybe @Tim_Huel can point you in the right direction.