Different gastro reaction to flavour boosts?

Hello all,

Firstly, thank you for Huel’s existence! It was a lifesaver for me while off on maternity leave (sometimes it’s so hard to get around to feeding yourself when looking after a baby), and continues to be a good way for me to keep my lunch break at work short so I can shoot off to pick the bub up from nursery :slight_smile:

Now to get to the point - with my latest order, I got a bunch of flavour boosts for fun, and have been enjoying them (apart from the mocha one which was grim! The rest were tasty) with a lunchtime Huel at work. Howeveeerrrr suddenly I’m having all sorts of trouble, feeling the need to go sit down on the loo almost constantly by the time evening rolls around.

Before now, I was having a regular Vanilla Huel but usually at breakfast time, sometimes with added peanut butter or banana or coffee or Nesquik! But never with issues like this. Now the only change is that the almost-daily Huel has moved to lunch time, and has had a boost in it every time for the last week or two.

Has anyone else had trouble with the flavour boosts, or alternatively with a change in the time of day of consumption?