Dismissive communications towards customers by Huel

Yes it will. Buy something else.

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A shovel or a cork wil probably do him.

Nappies? Handy dandy for those awkward situations whereby a new food product threatens a possible and unwelcome trouser disturbance.

but seriously, suck it and see.

The proof of the pudding… and all that.

Trying to make the restructuring of the discount system, and the price increase that it caused for some seem like a minor problem, if really a problem at all when you look at the big picture, seems like a good example:

Discount structure – topic

There are similar things happening to a more nuanced degree in other topics concerning the things I outlined originally.

Some people misunderstood what I meant originally, by this:

I meant that Huel has successfully communicated in such a manner that it dismissed valid customer concerns and questions, and at points completely tried to minimize their validity based on disingenuous logic.

Let me also save some time from those who have a tendency to have knee-jerk reactions to everything they don’t agree with. Huel is a private company, they can do whatever their stockholders wish. Everything is a competitor to everything, so nothing matters. The way Huel chooses to conduct itself is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Huel has a right to keep their IP secret. No need to conform to every customer request.

But, it takes some trying to communicate in such a manner and still find the willingness to say in-between the lines that we’re great because we’ve always been great, and can do no wrong because we’re great. Does anti-consumer behavior become a dream come true to some when it comes from Huel, and one worth defending? But I digress. Yeah I’ll still use Huel products because some of them are really the best on the market. I just won’t view the company behind them as pro-consumer when it comes to communicating with its customers, nor Huel valuing long-time customers enough to care to do a product launch in such a manner that customers can do informed decisions on their future purchases in advance.

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Got to agree with this. As a result of radiotherapy for head and neck cancer I can’t eat solids and live entirely on huel ready to drink (6 or 7 bottles per day). I received a confusing email about changes to the discount system but no mention of a price increase but I’ve since discovered that my subscription for 8 boxes (96 drinks) every two weeks has went from £228 to £262.80, a rise of 15%. I’ve no idea if this is down to the discount changes or if it’s a price rise.

Coming in the middle of this ready to drink shortage where they’ve been sending out Chocolate flavour instead of my usual Vanilla without asking permission, it’s left me feeling vulnerable as I’m short on alternatives. Don’t get me wrong. Huel have been very good to me in the past when I’ve had problems and they’ve given me some amazing help responses but my situation is such that I’d rather just have my regular order.

I’ve no idea why I’m being penalised by the discount scheme as I must be buying in bigger volume than some retail outlets. If that’s not what it is and it’s down to a price increase I’d rather just be told the prices are going up rather than have them sneaked in under the guise of a new confusing subscription scheme.


It’s down to the discount changes.

It’s a hidden price rise.


less discount costs more. :wink:

You told me to choose another collection point after a year of bullshit from dpd, rather than deal with huels courier. Does that sadden you too?

I was a customer for 4 years, no longer.
I also checked the box for no more huel emails yet this one arrived.

Huel sucks now they’re so big.

To refresh your memory. Almost 2 years of having to reschedule, 1 delivery that went to shop and they denied having it causing a big fucking deal with our landlord. Multiple shitty communications with Dpd, many days calls in from work to await delivery because it won’t go to collection point. I brought to your attention in May.

“ We’re not expecting you to take any extra steps at all, however if you’ve had issues with a particular pick up shop before then I’m recommending to either use a different one or arrange for your delivery to arrive on a day when you’ll be at home to avoid needing to use one.”

I did take many extra steps. For a very long time as dpd bullshit isn’t directly huels fault.

You must be really hungry

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It is unfortunate in some cases to us as consumers, but no company in the world is obligated to continue to make a profit. Huel bars might have sold well, and had massive fans in some of us. But Huel does not need a reason or justification to discontinue them. Do you feel like you were entitled to a reason? You could certainly ask the reason on here and I’m sure they’ll be transparent enough to tell you what it was.

As for the replacement, they told us there would be one. That’s more than they have to do. We again, aren’t entitled, to know a company’s roadmap or product direction. Anything they do tell us prior to launch is a privilege. You might have missed, but all new product launches Huel have done this year were very much drawn out, from teasers all over social media, to a reveal post with full details. This is a modern and effective marketing approach, what is wrong with Huel doing this? It works to build hype. It had me talking and telling my family about some new energy drink… some new bar… some new product (noodles) coming in a few days. That’s what they want. You might not like it, and not all strategies in marketing will work on all people or delight all people, it is just unfortunate that in this case, you don’t like it. Nothing wrong with you sharing your feedback though, that’s what the forum is from.

You can’t expect a company to be posting something as internal as current stock barriers. Again, they’ve been voluntarily open and helpful when we’ve all asked, and we’ve all noticed it when placing our orders. They tells, time and time again, that the RTD is often out of stock because the likes of Holland & Barrett / Sainsbury’s will run a promotion, making them a lot cheaper than we can find them anywhere else, leading to running out of stock. As these things depend on third parties, have you considered that actually perhaps Huel doesn’t know when this might happen? For all we know, those retailers don’t disclose upcoming deals or offers, or do you expect them to share that info publicly too? That’s just not how it works in a competitive world. We are pretty lucky for the upfront and transparent info we do get from Huel directly.

When a company starts to post something like ‘it’ll be available on XYZ’, that then becomes a promise / guarantee. And they need to stand by it. And if they can’t, they’re in trouble, not looked at favourably. That’s more likely why they aren’t going to post this publicly - especially if it risks letting down customers, as well as being perceived as calling out or slagging its suppliers / logistics. Why on earth would they put that information out to the world voluntarily to backfire?

This one affects me too. The price increase / loyalty change. But look around. Inflation is at an all time high for the most part in Europe. This is, even in normal times, still a reality over time. Prices go up. Sometimes other variables change and they can no longer afford it. Although Huel is growing and volumes sold are getting higher, expenses can go up. Any one of the high number of ingredients in Huel might face a big price increase, even when buying at bulk, that they can only weather for so long before they have to make a cut somewhere or compensate. It might have been change the loyalty discount OR increase the price of a set product, or across the board. They obviously aren’t going to disclose internal discussions / decisions or options they considered for all their competitors to see.

Just think about it, sure, it might be greed. But more likely than not, any company this engaged with its customers (and facing competition from a lot of other products, some cheaper) wants to maintain a fair price - too cheap and they lose out, but they are also aware, too much or too greedy, and competitors start to gain on them.

The emails - have you considered unsubscribing? Little value to who, you? I also am subscribed. Alright, sometimes they are repetitive and not as interesting to me (do I want to bake with Huel? No. but somebody out there probably thinks that’s a great idea). I only subscribed earlier this year and when I did, I used to read nearly all of them fully on the site. As these got a bit less interesting (to me) I don’t anymore, I stay subscribed for new product announcements. If I want a bit more, I come on here or see it on Facebook ads. Maybe you just have lost interest - I don’t know what you expect from the marketing emails?

Just in general, got any examples of the things you’re saying? Or any suggestions for the emails to be better? I’m not sure what you want Huel to do. You’ve complained a lot, then at the end said about how communication is sometimes great… saying they’re not transparent, then admitting they are. Are you okay?


About time, considering the 1* support you lot deliver :stuck_out_tongue:

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All I saw was “free huel” :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:

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That drew me in too and I was just about to apply, but their speciesist attitude made my cat grab my hand away from the submit button. `'Cats > dogs" he said and they don’t get invited. Poor show Huel.

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I understand it though. It’s much harder to catproof an office. It’s all good fun until one gets dragged into a printer tail-first.

they were asking for it

Surely that’s when the fun begins?