Do you have to drink Huel cold?


I was looking at the thread on what sort of drinking bottles to use and I saw a stainless steel flask at the end and it got me thinking. Does Huel have to be drunk cold, or can it be drunk warm or hot? If so, what’s best?

Good question and I’m not sure. I like my Huel made with cold water with several ice cubes thrown in.

Having said in the winter I used to love my porridge made with hot water with a dash of milk. Huel might be quite nice warmed up on a cold winter’s morning. But I do need to check that hot or warm water doesn’t have a negative effect on any of the micro-nutrients.

Thanks Julian. I think like you I’d probably just rather drink it cold, but if you can have it warm it’s another option isn’t it? Especially now winter is kicking in! Whilst we’re at it, I presume it’s OK to pop it in the freezer for a little while if there aren’t any ice cubes handy? Not to freeze it, just to make it cold nice and quick.

Yes the freezer is a good idea.

Does the flask thing you sell keep it quite cool?

Not any longer than a normal bottle, it’s only single walled.

If there is enough demand I will certainly look into stocking a quality flask with is insulated.

Thanks Julian, much appreciated

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Hi! Any update on this? Can I drink it after putting it a little while in the microwave oven? Taking breakfast from fridge is not very good when the weather is cold.

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@alfonson I have added hot water to Huel and it was fine.

I would be bit concerned that a microwave would effect some of the vitamins and minerals, but uses warm or hot water should be fine.

@JamesCollier should be able to confirm is a microwave would be ok to use.


There would be minimal losses of micronutrients from heating in a microwave - maybe a bit of potassium and vitamin C loss, but not a lot.


I’ve always enjoyed it at room temperature. Too warm or cold and the taste isn’t the same.

i don’t like it cold and always have it warm. I boil the kettle but then add the last glug of water as cold so it’s a little bit cooler than a cup of tea. Add the Huel and then blend.

I seem to be in the minority tho - most people prefer it cold. Worth giving it a go tho as it’s much nicer in my opinion!