Does Huel fill you up?

Do you feel hungry after drinking Huel or not? Does it take time for the body to adjust?

Most drinks don’t fill you up, but powered foods tend to be different because they contain so much matter.

I usually mix 100 to 150 grams of Huel at a time, that is quite a lot of stuff. Compare that to the weight of say Mars bar which is 58g.

30% of Huel is porridge oats which are low GI and very filling.

I can’t speak for everyone but I think Huel is satisfying.

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Didn’t realise it was 30% porridge. I’m sure it would fill you up pretty well because of that McCloud

It fills me up


It does fill you up, yes
When I was new to Huel it took a few shakes before I started to feel satiated after a shake, no longer an issue. 125 gram fill me up for 4-5 hours easily, no swings in blood sugar or mood. Focus and stamina remains great.

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One of the many fringe benefits of hueling