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Toilet is a safe place,


22 years…wow. My last cat reached 19, and that to me was a good age.


Tricky…unless they are those happy little rat things…chiwawawah…fuck off


@Ian42 that made me LOL and nearly spit my camomile tea out :rofl::joy:


No, they are Shelties


My last cat was 20 when he died. His mother was at least 20 and his sister 19 when they died.


wow. Hope my boys don’t last that long…they are annoying little twats.

JK. I love the furry little monsters.



I am proud of my son


Aww he is lovely :kissing_heart::two_hearts: I have had cats around for most of my life until 18 months ago when my last one died.


Me too. I love them; since a kid my family have always rescued them…we’ve had loads of them. My 2 current cats are so tactile and friendly, they spend most of the day glued to me which is annoying when I need to work.


LOL I know that feeling :grin:


Check this one out, for the door step parcel thieves in USA,


Glittering farts. Love it! :laughing: