DPD - Employee 'Contracts'


Other sites carrying the same story, so presumably reasonably accurate.

My experience of DPD as a customer has been that they’re better than other couriers I’ve received deliveries from over last few years (not solely Huel btw). One exception a pre christmas delivery that failed multiple times - that i put down to christmas workload.

Thing is, when I read stories like that one, I don’t want to support that kind of corporate behaviour - irrespective of the good service I receive personally.

What to do - on the odd occasion when I ship something outbound, then using google to choose the ‘best’ company is one obvious way.

I found this https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Dpd/reviews?fjobtitle=Driver - doesn’t seem all bad…maybe DPD aren’t the ‘worst’

Letting businesses like Huel know how I feel and hoping that they’re sensitive to the views of their customers and they in turn letting their DPD contact know what they think.

Reading back, that feels a bit tenuous, but apart from using your vote in future elections, what else is there?


I heard about this on Jeremy Vine today…that and cabbage picking…shocking tho…trouble is a lot of courier type jobs are stressful for those doing them.


I’d tend to agree. Unfortunately treatment of staff doesn’t improve under conditions like that unless a companies profits are going to be affected.

It would be wonderful if Huel (and other companies using DPD) would contact them asking for reassurances that this is not a common factor for DPD drivers.


I for one would be happy to pay for delivery for Huel knowing that it wasn’t being delivered by someone working in the gig economy.


BBC News: DPD delivery driver died after being fined for hospital visit:

Daily Mail: DPD courier who was fined £150 for attending a medical
appointment to treat his diabetes collapses and dies of the disease:

The Guardian: Pressure grows on DPD and Theresa May after courier dies of

Daily Mirror: Diabetic parcel courier who was fined £150 for taking day off
to see doctor dies of disease:

If Huel wish to consider themselves an ethical company they shouldn’t be
doing business with DPD or any of these evil companies.


Huel - If all of the above is taken into consideration can we please at least get a choice regarding the courier who delivers our orders? Then all of the more concerned people above can experience the pleasure of dealing with Yodel/Myhermes.

I’m fairly friendly with my actual DPD driver (not DPD local) and he’s said DPD are fantastic to work for on multiple occasions. They’re the only courier who give me on the fly delivery options which is essential for me working most days of the week.

Every company will get bad press here and there and I’d be less inclined to order without DPD’s services included.


Sorry I’m not one of these old fashioned types who thinks killing your employees is fine.


Hi all, just to let you know this isn’t being ignored and I am merely collecting information from our fulfilment and DPD so I can adequately respond to the points raised.


I have received this from DPD, a statement from their CEO.

Statement from DPD UK’s CEO Dwain McDonald
DPD announces review following the death of franchisee Don Lane

“We are all devastated by the news of Don Lane’s passing and our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends at this extremely difficult time. Don Lane was incorrectly charged £150 for not providing services, when in fact he was attending a hospital appointment. This was a mistake and we are profoundly sorry. No one should ever be made to feel like they are unable to attend appointments relating to their health. Like all companies, we need to learn from our mistakes. As a result, we are carrying out an extensive consultation with our depots and drivers as part of a strategic review of our arrangements. When we have completed the consultation and collected all the feedback, we will be making further announcements. In the meantime, I can confirm that no franchisee driver will be charged for attending healthcare appointments and I will be ensuring that this is the case."

Judging by the reports in this thread and reviews in the link from @rtrt, combined with the statement above it seems that this terrible report and experience could be an anomaly - and hopefully is. I have articulated our collective concern for the well being of our drivers and believe DPD’s announcement of a review, followed by corrective action is an adequate response.


He’s not having a good month…


Tim, please do post back in this thread if & when DPD take “corrective” action with a description of this action. As you imply, the statement alone is inadequate, to put it mildly. It reeks of spin. Thanks for taking your customers’ concerns to DPD over this issue.


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This looks more positive