DPD Local delivery gone missing?

Woke up to an SMS stating the parcel would be with me between 12:02 and 13:02. 12:02 arrives and I check the tracking. “Your delivery driver is making delivery 22, you are 43”.

Hm, okay, fair enough.

Another hour. Message has now changed to “Your delivery will be with you between 06:00 and 22:00”. No problem, I’m working from home. I contact DPD customer services who confirm the parcel will certainly be here today and is just delayed.

19:00 swings around. I check the tracking and my parcel is on its way back to the Cardiff depot along the M4. What the?

As of now, I see the van just sat in the depot doing nothing.

Where is my Huel? Why’s this happened? I’m only working from home today, so can’t accept delivery tomorrow…


Hi GTIPuG, I’m really sorry to hear about your delivery being delayed. I have PMed you so we can sort this out!

I take my words back - DPD delivered my Huel and Musclefoods orders as normal today (not sure why the delay!) but I’m now stocked with goodness again.

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