DPD local pickup not delivered?

First post after my first order of Huel, so sorry if this is in the wrong category…

I ordered my first delivery, for DPD local pickup, and received an email on the day I ordered saying I could pick it up after 12:00 Monday 15th of October, brilliant!
But as of now, roughly 13:45 on that date, I have not received my pickup pass, and the package hasn’t been delivered, even though tracking says it arrived at the depot only a few miles away at 7:00 this morning! Was the first email wrong about its delivery date, or has something gone wrong? Any updates would be fantastic!

Have you contacted DPD directly to ask for an update?

Hey there, I realise I’m a few days late to this, I’m sorry about that and I hope you contacted our customer service team in the meantime?

I can see from tracking that it has been picked up from the pick-up shop. Is everything all good with your order? Sorry for the confusion and if there were any incorrect messages sent to you.

Very soon after I posted this I received an email saying that the package was delayed, I was only frustrated that I seemed to have no answer as to what was going on with my package! I have received everything now and it’s great!
Thank you so much for a response at all, as of now I’m really enjoying Huel!