Drug addictions and abuse

After nearly 25 years of bending my brain and body with nearly every stimulant under the sun, i decided 5 years ago to sort my life out. Its been a very challenging journey. I always knew that nutrition and lack there-of was a big part of feeling balanced enough again to get on with life without stimulants. After 3-4 weeks of Huel, the challenge of re-balancing has become 90% easier, so easy to get the right nutrition in, i feel happier, lighter and more energy and ready to get on with life again, mainly because Huel filled in all the gaps with good stuff that i had been filling with bad stuff for so many years before. If you know anyone or yourself has negative addictions, then get them on Huel, it will help them see life so much clearer.


@rooguk thank you for the feedback and kind words.

Congratulations on progress you are making and long may it continue.

Welcome to the Huel family. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Julian,…Thankyou for bringing your idea to life :slightly_smiling:

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This is great to hear, but not a surprise that it would help you so much with your recovery. I’m sure than poor nutrition is a HUGE factor in why so many people struggle to give up drink and drug problems.

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Fairplay to you, rooguk! Congrats on the kicking, and best wishes for your new future. Huel has been a Godsend to me in many ways also, its amazing to hear such a story.


What an journey you have been on. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s very nice to hear the benefits of Huel from a different angle and how it’s done a lot of good for you.

Keep us posted!

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This is absolutely fantastic to read thank you so much for sharing that takes a lot to give up let alone sharing your story with us. Enjoy the journey x

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Hi there, thanks for the kind wishes and the support. I’m not sure what am able to advertise on the Huel site but cant see this being a negative to Huel, as it promotes a nutrition thats generally hard to achieve without Huel, when trying to come out of a challenging space… but Patrick Holfords ‘How to quit without feeling S**t’ was an eye-opener and Huel covers most if not all bases needed to re-nourish the body so the mind can see straight.