Enraged hatred

Personally I can’t wait for the next outbursts of enraged hatred at the new Huel product launch tomorrow.

Anyone else got some popcorn ready?


It’s your turn to do the hatred, mate. You can’t sit back munching popcorn every time. I’d do it but I’ve not been successful in the past. They still sell Berry despite my best efforts.

I am annoyed that they keep offering me a free T-shirt but only ever have Small in stock. Maybe I’ll flip out over that eventually.


I’m a peace loving Glastonbury hippy with a love of popped corn maan.

I can’t hate anyone or anything. I’m a modern day Jesus but with white skin.


Huel make popcorn?

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Just make sure its vegan, fat free, unsweetened, histamine negative and contains no other ingredients at all - otherwise Dr.Google and WebMD will get swamped with sound bite searchers.


I won’t buy more Huel products anyway. They told us to “Say HELLO” to the new Huel bars, but when I tried it I got no response. I draw the line at impolite bars.


There too busy infuriating people by tasting of coconut even though (seemingly) coconut was removed in this version of the bar.

You can’t trust the ingredients list. There’s probably loads of coconut in there, and god knows what else. Penguin beaks, dog muck, the still-living soul of Jimmy Savile.

We’ve moved a long way from “Nutrition first. Taste a close second”.


Don’t forget all those ‘long time users/first time posters’ who pop up to bash new products and are then never heard from again. Social Media Manipulation Services - aka. getting paid to whinge – what a treat!

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Why do people see few nonsensical complaints aimed towards Huel and then think of it as as rightful reasoning to paint every complaint or slightly critical question over with the same brush. Seems like a flawed way of thinking about it.

Huel should put more effort into spoon-feeding us.

Check back later for today’s big reveal.

I’m looking forward to it, looks like a new H&S flavour… or noodles although not sure I’d go back to noodles, even if they have Huel nutrition in them - why not just H&S? Looking forward to it anyway. New bars AND this to try next order.

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Anyway as it’s my thread I think I am allowed to derail it and we have discussed popcorn in the thread

Popcaan, the Jamaican singer, who wrote a song about Clarks shoes in 2010, has just filmed a promotional video for Clarks much of which took place in Glastonbury, where I’ve lived for many years until last week, which has just been released by them. Never knew those shite shoes could be so trendy: https://youtu.be/Uw4Dm4y26eM?si=9R4GP_KjShxSmDIU

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I’ve got my Ventolin at the ready. :upside_down_face:


Engage Outrage Mode


GRRR I HATE IT. The minimal look is so 2010. Makes me feel like I’m in an Apple Store and they’re too cool to have a checkout. I HATE IT.


…and whipping out carry bags from under counter dispensers like they’re Debbie McGee - but without the sugar daddy.



Will we get the new flavours in the pouches?