Errrm, Huel Poop


Do you mix Huel with anything other than water?


While we’re being graphic I’ll contribute my experience, as I also read this thread before beginning Huel, and I had reason to be worried before I read this anyway.

I ramped up my useage of Huel veeeeery slowly, as while I’ve been vegan for several months, I tried a vegan protein powder (with a blend of sources, like Huel) and even in 20g servings it was causing me to produce literally the most horrific smells I have ever experienced, pretty much constantly. So I was wary!

But I’ve had no issues with Huel except for one day when I went out with friends and had rocky road and hot chocolate for breakfast and chocolate ice cream for lunch. I had a bad reaction then but I think it was out of my usual Huel routine and with kinds of foods I don’t usually eat, in large amounts. I don’t encounter issues with snacking or the odd meal that’s non-Huel.

I poop much more regularly than I used to (I poop most days now which I have never done in the past) but I’m regarding this as a positive as my pooping experience is nicer than it has ever been. Yay for Huel!


Just a spoonful of coffee for my breakfast Huel, and a few blueberries or blackberries etc. for my lunch Huel

I did up my intake to three Huels a day but noticed this would create explosive bowel movements for most of the afternoon & evening too so have cut back down to two Huels a day


Is there anything I can add to Huel to help with constipation?


I’ve since discovered that it could be chewing gum (sugar free) that causes my problems and not the Huel. The artificial sweetener used has laxative effects. This could help you !!


Is your water intake ok? I drink my Huel quite thick so I don’t think there is really any more moisture in it than there would be in regular food. So I have to keep an eye on my fluid intake alongside. I know dehydration can contribute to constipation.


Yeah, I think I drink enough. I’m always going to the toilet!


The stock answer is, “add fibre.” But seeing Huel contains 139% RDI of fibre, scratch that.

Try castor oil or fish oil.


"Is there anything I can add to Huel to help with constipation?"
I add Psyllium Husk Powder. 1 tsp to 3 scoops Huel.
It works well for me and adds bulk to my ‘movements’.


I am literally crying with laughter at this trail of posts - but I realise it is a proper issue!

I have known issues with the regularity and quality of movements and also have suffered from haemorrhoids so I am hopeful that I will not make things worse for myself by adding Huel to my diet.

To start with I am just replacing one meal per day (50/50 vanilla and unflavoured) so we shall see what happens. I always take a daily probiotic powder as well, and will continue to do this for now.

Thanks for all the laughs and fingers (and legs) crossed I am not joining the death-fart and explosion category!


Right, this was obviously started before V2 came out. I must say, that I haven’t had any issues with this on V2. I do have some unflavoured Huel that isn’t V2 and as soon as I go back on that, it starts up again. What has changed in V2 to make it less explosive?

I’ve also noticed that the gas emissions aren’t as much.


Thanks for sharing that Mavis.

So V2 might be the answer to solving the constipation and gas problems?

I seem to recal they are in the process of re-jigging V2? Maybe that will change things for the better/worse.

I can’t really justify the cost of buying another round of Huel to see if V2 will fix things for me. Although perhaps I can offer my services as a guinea pig if the Huel guys want to try and make a gas-free blend!


It certainly seems that way for me, although I never suffered from any binding, quite the opposite.


I can confirm that I have been on Huel for over a week now, taking either 1 or 2 meal replacements most days. And after some initial flatulence, all is well. No digestive failure, no constipation and no explosions either!

I didn’t try v1 but perhaps v2 has resolved those issues. I’m enjoying it so far, and feeling good. But have yet to shift any weight - I have very little to lose however so may be a slow burn…


Just adding to the thread that at no point in the 6+ months I’ve been using Huel have I had any issues poop-wise or wind-wise with either v1.2 or v2. When I started Huel, I went straight into breakfast and lunch everyday, so that’ll be about 250g per day.

Perhaps, as someone has mentioned above, it’s the blending that’s adding lots of air? I usually shake, rarely blend.


Hi everyone - I’ve just started on HUEL and, alarmed by all your accounts of vicious farting and poop problems, I have started very cautiously with breakfast only and just one scoop. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years which might help my system to adjust to the HUEL better than some - we shall see. I’m having one scoop of HUEL with 5 scoops of soya milk, one banana and a teaspoon of cacao powder in the mornings - blending it as a smoothie. It’s very tasty indeed, not too sweet (I use the unsweetened HUEL) and I haven’t noticed any adverse digestive effects (yet!). I’m also taking Acidophilus tablets and charcoal tablets every day, just in case!
Wanted to ask if I can cook the HUEL powder in soya milk to make a porridge for the winter, or would that damage the nutritional value?


I’ve never blended.


Yep I find blending makes me gassy. I’ve got a Ninja Blender with a single serve attachment that I can just whizz up the right amount and drink immediately from the single serve blender container. When you use a blender like this you notice how much air it puts in. There may be an inch or two of space in the container. Then you whizz it up and it’s full to the top. All that extra volume is the air that used to be at the top of the container being dispersed through out the liquid as millions of tiny gas bubbles. The volume increase isn’t something you notice with a traditional blender. But it’s proof of how much air you mix into the liquid when blending.


My experiences in this regard have been interesting! In normal life I suffered from sever IBS. But for the last 15 years I have been on massive amounts of morphine daily for chronic illness. This has had the benefit of sorting out my IBS issues, as opiates normally make people severely constipated.

I’m now on a 100% Huel regime. All is going well, but I did worry at the start that it might upset the
IBS + morphine = normal bowels equation. Thankfully it hasn’t altered in that way. But, I have to say that in terms of quantity my arse is now like the magic porridge pot! Where does it all come from? It seems to work like expanding foam: 1 pint of Huel = 5 of poo. Also, my bathroom window is permanently open. The smell really is something else. For the first time in my life the smell of my own sh*t makes me gag!

Ah well, as they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’


Wow, that’s quite descriptive :flushed: :joy: