Errrm, Huel Poop


@euni1968 you must be very proud lol booyah!


This thread is a hilarious read from start to finish hahaha :joy:

I guess I am one of the lucky people who has experienced absolutely no toilet related problems when going onto Huel! If anything there’s been a huge improvement. I like my Huel quite watery and drink it for 2-3 meals a day, and I’ve noticed that I am way more hydrated than I used to be with far fewer headaches. I have IBS but have way fewer painful bowel movements and gas when on Huel. :slight_smile:


Quick update - no more gassy than usual - up to 2 scoops of Huel a day after over a week on just one - no bad smells - poop seems normal for me - probably won’t increase any more as I like to have an evening meal - I’m happy to have Huel for breakfast and lunch. Still taking Acidophilus and charcoal tablets just in case.


Some scary stuff on this thread! I couldn’t be happier with how Huel has changed my ‘deposits’. A long-term IBS victim, prior to switching to Huel (1 regular meal then Huel for the rest of the day), sometimes I felt like a was shitting glass and at other times I felt like an erupting volcano. The cramps were probably the worst part. Since starting Huel, I deposit about 2-3 times a week and it’s completely stopped the cramps, contrasting consistencies and I’ve not had any issues with wind. I drink a lot of peppermint tea - three 200ml cups a day - and always have, even before Huel. This is known to aid digestion, bloating etc. Wonder if that’s why I’ve been so lucky?


perhaps because of where you started - it could only get better :smile:


Yeah, it was a harrowing place, I’ll give you that! :open_mouth:


I’ve just got back on it, it’s day 3, and doing two meals a day. Tonight I went for an Italian meal for tea with a couple of colleagues, and I admit I might of got a bit of a chill on my stomach. I drove home tonight somewhat in need, but getting out of the car, the safety was definitely “off”. I barely made it upstairs and did the "sprinting from the knees down someone else has mentioned. However I feel if all that was in me, its better out and think looking at huel in a holistic sense when it comes to clearing you out, is actually one of its advantages. I’d take this over a week of squeezing maltesers after living on meat french rustic stew my lovely girlfriend made for me. It DOES settle down by the way, its like swapping your car from running petrol to biofuel with a fair dash of wheatgrass!.


How does everyone place on the Bristol Stool Chart?

For the last 6 or so years I’ve been having to go at irregular times throughout the day (probably on average 3 times a day). My doctor thinks I might have IBS. I’ve started monitoring the consistency of my stools, and, I think, since Hueling began (1300 calories/50% daily) I’ve moved to something like a type 5 or 6 most of the time.


Between 4 and 5.
I love that chart.


Can’t believe my first post on the forum is talking about my bowel movements, but I found this post as a direct result of searching for advice on the matter so I’m kinda glad to see others reporting teething troubles.

3 days in for me, just one fuel per day so far (2-3 scoops), but suffice to say, today has been horrible…

Started with an uneasy tummy at about 5am, woke up, felt the need to pass wind.

It wasn’t wind.

All I can say is thank gawd my gf wasn’t staying over. It was pretty horrific, and expensive buying a new mattress today…

Honestly, right now I’m thinking the best option is to bin the huel and write it off as a failed experiment. Can someone convince me otherwise?


I’ve been on one huel (3 scoops) a day for about two weeks now.

I learned the hard way that when you need to fart, it might not be a fart.

Going to the toilet ever time you need to fart is handy anyway, even if it is just a fart, because Huel farts can kill cockroaches.


I’ve been on one huel (3 scoops) a day for about two weeks now.

I learned the hard way that when you need to fart, it might not be a fart.

Going to the toilet every time you need to fart is handy anyway, even if it is just a fart, because Huel farts can kill cockroaches.


After what’s quite literally been the weekend from hell. I’m never touching this stuff ever again. Two events ruined this weekend as I couldn’t risk being more than a few steps from the loo, including missing a days work.

I’m sorry, but after just one shake a day for a couple of days and I end up with 48 hours of the nastiest upset stomach I’ve ever had in 48 years

There’s no way that something which can cause that violent a reaction can be good for you!

Seriously contemplating whether I should take this further, as a reaction like that is equivalent to being poisoned.


I was recently in hospital, and one ward had their own take on that chart:


Well that’s 7 types of chocolate I can never eat again! :joy:


For me, types 3, 4, 5 are common, depends the amount of Huel, from 1 meal per day or full huel day. Days without huel, my stools are the types 1 and 2.

I think that, for me at least, the amount of prebiotics are the mayor cause of this, maybe of the large quantity of oat and fiber

Any form to block it?


I switched to Huel mainly because of IBS type problems (I’ve never been diagnosed but the symptoms seem similar). It was originally intended as an experiment. Use Huel (and/or one of its alternatives) as a baseline and add in types off food to see what was setting me off.

As it turned out, if I have Huel for 2 of my three meals a day, very little sets me off. So I’ve stuck with it since.


That chart had me laughing.

Day 4 of 90% Huel and I haven’t had the downtown lester brown push down but the anal applause has been fierce.


Strangely I stopped Huel cold turkey when I went on holiday. I’m finding that getting back into Huel is causing me issues, when it never did before!? My coeliac disease seems to run alongside IBS, unfortunately. So I’m on nortriptyline at night times. Gonna start huelling again, I really miss Huel.

Issues I have are bloating and gas. Possibly the fibre being reintroduced though.


Push and Flush

Since becoming a Huel user I’ve perfected a new toilet routine I like to call “Push and Flush™”. To save the embarrassing noise, cut smell down to almost nothing and get in and out of the loo in less time than it takes to urinate. You simply brace yourself and “push” as you “flush”. This does take considerable core strength and a powder diet also helps, as does a couple of cups of tea or coffee. If you time it right and push with all your might it can be job done before the last of the water is spinning around the bowl. You then have to wait for a partial refill to rid yourself of any paper you use but on a good day (with the use of Huel) this can also be minimal.

Much like a smoker who has given up, I now find other peoples “animal like” toilet behaviour quite disgusting and I cannot comprehend those who can spend 20-30 minutes in the loo and leave it smelling like a donkey turned up it’s hooves and often very messy. If I’m not drying my hands three minutes after I walked in I consider this a failure and it can quite put a dent in my day.

Feel free to share the technique, but a word of caution, without proper training to enhance not only core but also sphincter strength it would be easy to have a prolapse. Which while offering an opportunity to clean the prolapsed organ is not to be recommended without medical supervision