Errrm, Huel Poop


A mate of mine has the cough and drop method, and a burnt match to mask the smell…seems a little less risky…unless the methane causes an explosion in a confined space.


Some brutal stories in this thread. Feel bad for the guy who needed a new mattress!

You could always try some Poo Pourri:


Interesting. My experience is quite different. I’m having Huel about twice a day, and the kids I drop off at the pool (same time every day) are big and healthy and well behaved.


I phased in Huel one shake every other day. After a week abdominal pain set in but I persisted to replace one meal per day. After days on uncontrolled bowel motions colitis set in with mucous and blood stools (constantly). Despite stopping Huel it persisted for 17 days. Cultures for infection and biopsies from a colonoscopy returned normal.

Out of curiosity (due to presumed infection) I tried a small amount of Huel and again the mucous and blood reappeared. Sadly my next subscription for a months worth of Huel came through. I’m now figuring that Huel will never be an achievable lifestyle for me.


Apologies but the way you wrote your piece is class - thanks :joy:

I can’t offer you an explanation apart from it’s probably your digestive system acclimatising to the sudden change? I started with one small meal a day and the idea is to only take it at work on my 12 hrs shifts 3 to 4 times a week. Now taking 2 full meals measured by 3 scoops p/m and that does me. I know it’s not enough calories, but it’s keeping me full and if I do get peckish, I’ll have fruits or nuts.

Doing this I’ve not experienced any problems which I was scared of. At home I don’t mind. But don’t want to be the one at work or out or about letting off weapons of mass gagging - being an Asian with a beard, people already got me on their terror radar. I don’t need to be giving them excuses to whistleblow on me!


It’s rather amusing that this thread is one of the longest running and most popular, lol. People sure are obsessed with their poop! :joy:


dumps and guffs are probably the main areas affected by Huel, whether is for better or worse.


Few things affect general well being more. Known someone with IBD?


Just thought I’d add something. I had a really upset tummy for a while after starting Huel. What worked for me was taking a good quality probiotic. I think (and I’m no expert) if you’re not used to all the fibre your system tends to clear everything out including all the good bacteria in your gut. The probiotic had me back to normal almost overnight. The one I was using is called Renew Life Ultimate Flora but there are loads available if you search online. I hope this helps others.


That sounds good! Is there any reason you chose that one? It seems very expensive on Amazon?

Do you go for the 100 or 50 billion one? Did you keep taking it or just for a short period?



Have you tried different toilet tissue (I prefer the quilted variety), and also wiping a little more gently? :relaxed:


The past 3 or 4 weeks I have considerably increased my Huel intake, I have noticed the frequency of going for a number 2 and amount when going is much reduced, anyone else had this


First day of trying Huel - 3 scoops of U&U for breakfast. This afternoon I’ve had diarrhea. I’ve read this whole thread, and it seems like this is fairly common reaction (although a more common reaction appears to be wind). I’m up for sticking it out and hopefully my gut will adjust. I like the taste and the convenience.

In the introduction pamphlet that comes with Huel - it warns that “a sudden or total change to Huel may cause some bloating of flatulence”. But shouldn’t ‘diarrhea’ should be added to this list? (There are a number of accidents described in this thread, that perhaps could have been avoided with some warning!)

It then suggests starting with “one meal of Huel a day for three to five days”, it states “This gives your body the notice it needs, and prevents any unwelcome protests”. Which for some people is not true. So it should also warn that, even if you start with one meal a day, it could still cause side effects whilst you transition. It should also state that, for some people, they may never adjust.

Also, reading all the threads I can - I might have missed some - but I haven’t seen any Huel staff give much input in regards to dirrahea. I also couldn’t find much information on the website. It would be great to have some more in depth information about ‘transitioning’, from Huel.

I understand they don’t want to put people off trying it. It is a great product. But one shouldn’t hold back information from your customers, just to convince them to try it.


Hahahahahahaha!! I TOTALLY understand this situation!
I teach secondary school, and Huel farts would cause a whole lesson to go out the window…just to breathe!
I’ve been using huel for a month now. Still awful poo and the awful stench of the farts is embarrassing. Luckily they seem to be lessening (not the smell but how often I fart).
Sometimes I do get bad cramps as well.
Good luck! Hope things are improving!


“Solid bronze sausage” Omg, dying. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi @Ros1 - sorry you’ve had a negative reaction and also that you feel we’ve not given much input. I do know I’ve commented a few times.

A few people do indeed have loose stools. Is it common? Not from what I’ve seen.

I take on board your points, and I’ll review if/how/where we should provide more info.


Thanks for getting back to me James, and for taking on board my comments. Huel’s answers to these digestion posts often seem a big vague, that’s all. For instance; ‘not from what I’ve seen’…it’s not the most reassuring reply.

Didn’t you guys test this stuff on hundreds of people before selling it? And if so, don’t you have statistics on this?

It’s probably not a legal requirement, as with drugs, but it would be helpful to see side effect percentages. You know… 40% people experience stinky farts, 30% experienced bloating, 5% experience diarrhea.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I’m going to try again with Huel tomorrow!


Hi @Ros1

Sorry that you don’t feel my reply is reassuring. I’m a little stuck on what to reply; maybe if I give the more assured reply: It isn’t common at all.

100,000s people have tried Huel, but no, we haven’t collated any statistics. Other food companies don’t provide this sort of information.

Personally, shortly after we launched Huel I went from none to 100% on an approx 3,500 calorie intake. I did experience loose stools on day 1. I had one solid meal then on Day 2 and I was fine.

Let us know how tomorrow goes.


personally a problem i’ve had doesn’t seem to match up with what other people say. obviously, you can expect that the amount you… relieve yourself of would be somewhat equal to your intake right? i can’t help noticing that… that isn’t the case. if anything i’m going MUCH less frequently, we’re talking whole days with nothing and feeling like you need to, but actually not being able. then when i finally go, considering it’s a few days of huel, the amount that passes through me doesn’t seem right? and i can’t help noticing despite taking in a similar amount of calories as before i’m still decidely more ‘round’ shall we say. i’ve been doing 100% for a few months too. any advice or whatever?


I’ve been 100% Huel for 4 days and tonight I got crazy cramps on the toilet. Started sweating like if I were in the flames of hell and got very dizzy. The stool was semi-loose but not diarhea. This kind of freaks me out, was honestly a grim experience