Errrm, Huel Poop


My first time it was just straight out diarrhoea, but the biggest concern was the fact it continued, months later. Then as well as that, the quantity did not seem to match the amount I ate, no matter what way I looked at it, especially when I could have a dry spell so to speak for days in a row. From what I’ve read I’m guessing the biggest problem is having the wrong gut flora? Not sure what the best way to fix that is meant to be though


I just wanted to take the opportunity to add my experience with starting Huel for anyone who may be worried / concerned about starting.

I previously had a very unhealthy, unbalanced diet with practically no fruit or vegetable and consisting mostly of ready meals, sugary cereal and biscuits.

I was pretty much expecting the worst as moving to Huel was a pretty drastic change to my diet and I intended on taking it slowly but didn’t as my body adjusted really well.

Day One: I had a 2 scoop Huel lunch, leftover pasta for dinner and Huel Granola as a snack. That evening I was absolutely fine.
Day Two: I had a 2 scoop breakfast, same for lunch and some scrambled egg for dinner. Granola as a snack. I suffered some wind in the evening but nothing too unpleasant. I went to the loo as usual - no diarrhea, not particularly smelly.
Day Three: I had 2 scoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus granola as a snack. Again had slight wind by the time I was in bed but that was it. Went to the loo as usual that day too.
It’s now day six and I’m still feeling absolutely fine, in fact I’m feeling really good!

So in three days I transitioned from an awful diet to 100% Huel with no adverse side effects apart from some slight gas.


Ok so here goes, I’ve just had my first day on Huel v2.3 - Vanilla. Love the taste and convenience, had two servings today, both two scoops with 500ml water. First one was at about 8am, went down a treat. All good. Went to class - I’m the lecturer - started my delivery then at about 0945 my world changed. I felt like my intestines had started a war with my bowels and I was losing the battle! I had to leave my class to slip to the toilets (shared with students, no staff bathrooms and only two cubicles!) and there I remained for 35 minutes. If that building caught fire I couldn’t leave that cubicle!!!

I’ve had IBS on and off over the years so I wasn’t too concerned, was a bit more worried the class would send someone looking for me!!! And I just assumed it was Huel teaching my body a lesson I’m not eating processed junk food.

So after that back into class feeling a tad lighter than earlier. All good, then had lunch at about 1pm. Sooooo then at about 3pm-4pm I basically lived in that bathroom again!!! Definitely put those council run toilets to the test! My stools are def just watery but I have a feeling I’m clearing out my colon from about 1998!!!

Then tonight I had a normal dinner (chicken wraps) and all was good until about 20 minutes ago whereby I had to evacuate the last of my soul through my arse, or that’s what it has felt like!!!

You know the worst part? My shit now smells like vanilla Huel!!! So tomorrow when I goto drink my breakfast - am I now going to associate that with poo? :open_mouth::roll_eyes:

I now know how people lose weight on a Huel!!!

Seriously though I like the Huel and will stick with it, just praying that these unwanted side effects go!! :sunglasses:


My experience isn’t too terrible.

So over the course of about a month I’ve had some issues like diarrhea but it settled down and stool is normal now. My impression is that I fart less than before Huel, but they smell worse. I’m hoping that this will settle down eventually. I’m considering to go 100% Huel for a few days or a week for the sake of the experiment and maybe it’ll give my gut bacteria a kick-start, hopefully no mattress accidents… That story was hilarious!

One funny story of mine is that I’m lactose intolerant, so bloating from dairy plus Huel smell is definitely a dangerous combination :sweat_smile:

I have 2 Huel meals per day currently, 240 grams total.


Well havent ordered huel yet but you guys have done a great job in putting me off so doubt you make good sales people maybe sh!t sale people!


I think you’re just not looking at the whole picture. Like, do you realise that even though some people have very bad experiences they still stick with Huel anyway? Why would they do that? There’s generally more benefits than downsides, it’s as simple as that. To get the benefits I am more than willing to endure some issues along the way, and besides, these issues aren’t even Huel specific necessarily, but come from a drastic change in diet, could be other diets too.

And besides, this is neither a sales thread nor are the experiences balanced, because most who are fine will not post here.


I have been having Huel for breakfast and lunch for about 4 months without any problems what so ever. You have to remember that out of the 1000’s that use Huel daily, this thread is the experience of a very very small number of them. Whilst this forum is useful, it only represents a small number of Huel users.


@AllBecomesGood and @GeekBunny have hit the nail on the head here. Huel can present a pretty drastic lifestyle change for many, depending on what your diet was like before. Yeah you might get a little bit of discomfort/different bowel movements - Huel is high in fibre which the typical UK diet is very low in and often is the cause of this. But weigh that up with: more time, saving money on unhealthy snacks, getting a full balance of nutrition as well as all the anecdotal benefits many report too. Some even say Huel has changed their life.

If you don’t want to use Huel that’s fine, but if you do I’ve no doubt that the huge benefits will out weigh any negatives you may temporarily experience.


I poop 4’s from the stool chart.

I switched to a fully plant-based diet back in Jan and honestly didnt notice anything negative when starting on huel in April.

If anything my poops are more regularly 4’s now.

I love this topic. More talks about poop are exactly what’s needed most days.


Just started a month ago myself and was definitely noticing some bathroom changes. XD I was replacing my first meal of the day with Huel and in the afternoon during my workouts the extra fiber plus runners trots had me booking it for the bathroom. I am switching my Huel to my nighttime meal after my workout and seeing if that helps. Also beware of eating to much pineapple, had a week there when I thought I must be sick but it was just my damn fool self overindulging.

Stomach cramps, bloating and constipation

If I were you, I’d be tempted to use flatulence to my advantage, and let one go when your opponent has you down, so that they are the ones to retreat. Not very sporting though.


Has anyone tried the alternatives to Huel? And do you have the same issues?

I fortunately have gotten away with a ‘clean’ move to one or two Huel meals a day, but I do sometimes swap out a Huel for a Saturo when the practicality of their bottles is needed. I’ve never noticed any change whatsoever with Huel, but Saturo occasionally brings out some farts that have nearly managed to kill me


I’m about a month in. I’ve had 8 scoops every weekday plus a ‘normal’ evening meal.

I was incredibly farty before, and that has not changed!


My journey to a better diet began with 3 scoops vanilla in 600ml water after my Huel delivery arrived on Wednesday 10th Oct. That served as lunch, which I enjoyed. Normal (healthy, low FODMAP) food for dinner. Normal amount of tea and coffee during the day. That night I had to get up several times in the night to pass water.

Day 2 breakfast and lunch both consisted of 2 scoops of Huel in 400ml water then normal dinner as before. (I had found that 3 scoops/600ml was too much for me hence dropping down to 2 in 400ml) I decided to put in an order for Granola to vary things a little. Only had to get up once during the night to pass water.

Day 3, today, breakfast 2 scoops as day 2. Granola arrived just before lunch so had 60g in small amount of semi-skimmed milk. Didn’t measure milk but probably around 200ml (delicious! :yum:)

So far so good. No adverse bowel effects thank goodness and my usual bloating and discomfort (IBS) seems to be decreasing. Yay! :sunglasses:

I must add that normally I would be tempted to snack between meals and often skipped breakfast. Early days I know, but I am now having 3 regular meals a day and have not felt like snacking. Really chuffed :grinning:


I seem to constantly feel like I need a poo. When I go out running I find my self sprinting home really fast. IV only been taking for breakfast and sometimes lunch for the past week. I hope my body starts getting used to get soon .:joy:


Blimey! Just finished reading all 155 comments on this post and I don’t think that anyone has said ‘don’t worry, the smelly fart stage will pass’. I’ve only been using Huel for about a month but this last week has been horrendous on the smelly farts front. My family are pleading with me to stop using it and my partner left our bed last night cos she couldn’t stand the smell. This last week I have been having a 3 scoop U&U breakfast (with a banana and a t-spoon of coffee), a fruit/veg juice and healthy wrap for lunch and a vegan evening meal, an apple and banana as snacks and no hot drinks. I have however been adding a table spoon of flax seeds to the juice because that’s what I did during my 100% 40 day juice only detox. I googled the flax seeds and wind was mentioned as a side effect. I’m wondering if that’s the reason for the truly unbearably stinky farts! The week before I was having two Huel meals a day without the juice and I don’t remember having the farty problem (mind you my family were away that week :joy:) I will try skipping the extra flax seeds and report back here with my findings. Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:t2:


It does pass :laughing::laughing: :dash: well it did for me lol


Passed for me too - though luckily i live alone! Having said that, i usually need car windows open after enjoying the gorgeous Huel Bars!


Me too, but only so I can throw the wrappers into the hedge. Huel needs advertising more than KFC and McDonald’s.


I find my farts are worse when I have had a cup of coffee. I have the original Vanilla Huel but don’t mix any coffee or anything with it. But if I have a cup of coffee I fart some right stinkers lol especially if I have dunked some biscuits in it. :smiley::smiley: