Errrm, Huel Poop

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Hey Dudes,
I’ve been on Huel for about 4 months now.
The beginning gives you some funny advert side effects, tends to go better afterwards.
I think I added too much flavoring and gave me effects again - since too much sweetener can give you loose bowels.
I’m now trying to just have it neat to see if my bowels go back to normal…

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Few people here have tried it ’ neat ’ but found it a bit messy just trying to spoon the powder straight into your mouth. I am thinking of rolling a bit up and smoke it :thinking:
Got to smell nicer than cannabis, god help the people in Canada who don’t like the smell of cannabis.

Sorry, English is not my first language, so may have used the term wrongly :smiley:

Lol I am only joking with you I know what you meant. Your English is better than mine, good luck with your pooping :smiley::smiley:

I find having 60g granola for one of my meals, usually breakfast, suits me fine.

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I’m still farting ‘as if something crawled up my arse and died’ (Billy Connolly) a few weeks after cutting down on my Huel meals and no longer adding flax seeds to my daily fruit/veg juice. Admittedly I fart less, but the stench when I do is really really bad. My gran always told me that if you need to fart you should let it out as holding it in isn’t healthy, but I commute to work on the tube, and on a couple of occasions… well… you can imagine. I have just one 2 or 3 scoop u&u breakfast with a banana and tsp instant coffee blended in, and I really do enjoy it and it sets me up for the morning until lunchtime. I don’t want to stop using Huel altogether but I can’t think of another remedy. This is pretty much a plea to anybody who knows of a trick or an old wives tale of how to make my farts smell… shall we say…bearable? Thanking you in anticipation, Lol.

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I would suggest Charcoal tablets for one thing - you can buy them on Amazon if you can’t find them locally (Bragg’s are the ones I have)… The other, in case it’s the pea protein which is causing the flatulence, is Beano (which is from the US, but I have bought it via Amazon also). It seems expensive but you get 150 tablets in a bottle. I recommend both.

Who knew there was such a thing? :open_mouth:

So, everytime I have stopped huel and come back, I’ve always known this is going to be an issue. It goes away after your gut gets used to the fibre.

I just take half the dose of immodium and a tumeric suppliment for the first couple of days and then on any day that my stomach feels ‘bubbly’ for the next week, After that my gut just sorts its self out.

If you do have trouble after more than a week or two, might be worth asking your GP about that!

How long does it take you to get used to it?

I’ve tried for a few weeks and could never get past the farting stage.

My family were really disturbed by the smells I was producing. I was kicked out of the martial bed and my kids shunned me.

My mrs made me go and see the GP which wasn’t fun.

I had to do a stool sample but they said all was well.

When I stopped with the Huel that time, it took a few weeks and I was back to normal.

Have tried a few times since then when I a new recipe comes out. But not luck.

My diet isn’t too bad:

  • porridge oats with water and chia seeds and a mixed seed medley for breakfast
  • rice, veg, quorn, coconut oil, and chilli sauce for lunch
  • steamed veg and fish for dinner
    but I do have a couple of wholemeal bread cheese sandwiches throughout the day.

Also, if I don’t have a glass of water with about 3 to 4 teaspoons of chia seeds in each day, I bung up pretty quick.

I really want to try Huel again as I love the convenience but it’s so dispriting when it starts to go wrong downstairs.

I went about 2 times a week (sometimes less) before Huel. A week and a bit into Huel I’m going nearly everyday, the horrible gas stopped within a few days but going to the loo is still an affair that requires not breathing.

I’m glad I’m going everyday, but the consistency is horrible. I’m only going at home, so I can shower right after instead of finishing off a whole loo roll. I just wonder if there is anything I could add to my diet to just ‘firm’ it up a bit.

Make sure you’re drinking lots of water, I’ve found dehydration can make a noticeable difference

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Just had to get political? Idiot.

You woke an old thread, to call someone who hasn’t been on the forum for 3 years, an idiot?
I’m guessing you were trying to be funny (trump=political reference ??) but I just had to scroll back through 3 years worth of posts to figure out what you were referring to…
I didn’t laugh… :roll_eyes:


So I’m new to Huel… Three days in following three scoops for breakie… Forth day today I woke up feeling sick and then suddenly… All hell broke loose downstairs. It’s almost as if I don’t need my front part…

Have I gone to hard or does my body just need this rediculious clean out. I’ve only ever had this once when I had immodium…

Can’t carry on being a mobile soda stream…

A little surprising if you only do 3 scoops / day, but certainly not unexpected. I wouldn’t be worried just now, for most it goes away over time.

One thing you might want to watch out for is falsely accusing Huel, not because we’re Huel Fanboys, but because you might stop yourself from finding the true cause. Me for example I used to mix soy milk with Huel, but it turned out Soy causes me irritation. I still get the occasional “Wind of Death”, especially when consuming more Huel than usual, but in general it’s a lot more quiet than it used to be. Most others have a better experience than me though I think, so yea, don’t give up just yet. Maybe pause a day if it’s really getting in the way.


I just sat down and felt a fart :dash: it wasn’t a fart :dash: my gosh lucky I was at home just now I know not to fart at all anymore at all which is not going to be easy.


Sounds like your first experience of a shart…
Welcome to the club!:joy: